A Collection of Photographs

Written by Stephano

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58. The Park by Weronika Strozyk

“The Park” by Weronika Strozyk

59. Unblossomed by Jeffrey Zhang

“Unblossomed” by Jeffrey Zhang

60. Endless Twisting Into the Deep by Naren Roy

“Endless Twisting Into the Deep” by Naren Roy

61. A Stupa's Whispering Wind by Naren Roy-Color

“A Stupa’s Whispering Wind” by Naren Roy

62. Into the Canyon by Naren Roy-Color

“Into the Canyon” by Naren Roy

63. Crisp and Sharp by Naren Roy-Color

“Crisp and Sharp” by Naren Roy

64. Scampering Up the Side by Naren Roy-Color

“Scampering Up the Side” by Naren Roy

65. Shadowing the Water by Naren Roy-Color

“Shadowing the Water” by Naren Roy

66. Colorful Reflections by Naren Roy-Color

“Colorful Reflections” by Naren Roy

67. Flowering by Forever by Naren Roy--Color

“Flowering by Forever” by Naren Roy




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