“Bunni” by Margot Su

Written by plumtree

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by Margot Su

Bunni slept until dawn.  This was when she usually got up.  As she scrubbed her little body in the pond near her cave, she spotted a butterfly.  It landed on her nose, and Bunni sneezed.  The butterfly flew away, wondering what had caused such a sneeze.  Bunni dried off, and combed her fur.  After combing for about 2 minutes, Bunni slid into her cave and swept till lunchtime.  At lunch, she made herself a sandwich with berry juice* and ate.  After finishing, she dusted her hands and tackled her bed, which was very messy from the night before.  The bed was made of wood and the covers were made of soft bird feathers.  As she made the bed, spreading the soft covers over the bed, she heard a yowl outside.

“Someone is in pain!” cried Bunni.

Out she ran, scurrying as fast as she could.  A young juvenile mouse lay outside, with a bite on its side.

“A hawk,” it cried.

Bunni carried the mouse inside, and wrapped up the wound with some cloth.  As the cloth slowly turned a red color, Bunni applied another.  The mouse groaned each time Bunni put a new one, claiming it was cold.

Bunni realized this mouse needed medical help, for it was a summer day.
“You must go to the doctor,” said she.

The mouse shook its head, and curled up into a ball.

*Not the human kind.  Berry juice from wild berries.  AND THEY’RE NOT POISONOUS!


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