“Alien and Human” by Jiahe Yan

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“Alien and Human”
by Jiahe Yan

Run, run, keep running! Now this is the only idea in Jack’s head. He has ran for almost half an hour and he is so tired. Maybe they’re gone? Jack thinks. Slowing down, listening, the only thing he can hear is his breath. OK, I am safe now. Jack thinks. But when he looks up, there is a black round “air plane.” What’s that? This is Jack’s last opinion before he “sleeps.”
Chapter 1
“John, there was a second person who disappeared yesterday,” Detective Mike says. “Second for what?” Detective John asks. “Same as your case about Arthur.” “Really? Tell me about the case.” John says. “OK, so this people called Jack, and same as your case, both people disappear in the National Park.” “Great, so we have found the common between them, come, Mike, let’s go to the National Park, we need to work now,” John says.
Chapter 2
“Ah, there is still no clue,” John says tiredly. “Why! Who did all this?” “Don’t ask me, I am curious about it too.” John and Mike both sit on a sofa in the Police Department. They have spent entire day in the National Park, but have found nothing. “John, I have a plan, but it maybe a little dangerous,” Mike says. “It is OK,” John says, “tell me.” “Let’s go to the National Park and stay one night!”
Silence, John says nothing. After a while, “OK…” John says, “Let’s go and find out the truth!”
Chapter 3
Sunset, two men, John and Mike, are sitting near a car. Now they are in the National Park. . “What is your plan now?” John asks, “Don’t tell me you just sit here for the entire night.” “Eh, you are right again.” Mike says. “OMG!” John says, “Can you be…” Mike stops him and point at one direction, “Listen,” Mike whispers,” I think I hear something.” “Really, wait, put off the fire,” John says. After they put off the fire, the place becomes dark and quiet. “@#$^$**(##@” they hear some voice, but not clear. John directs to South, “There! Let’s go and take a look.” Mike nods and they both slowly and quietly sneaks to South. There are not many things on the South, only a small forest and the voice comes from the forest. “Bee Bee” now they can hear the voice clearly, it is not like a human’s voice but more like a machine’s voice. They hide behind two trees and look, there is a black round machine. Spaceship! This idea comes into both of their minds.
Chapter 4
This is a normal day for most of the people, but not two people, John and Mike. They just found a spaceship, a UFO! John waves his hand to Mike and shows him they need to leave. Too late, after they go back near the car, they find out there are two “gray people” standing near their car and talking. Aliens! They look at each other and can see the surprise in each other’s eyes. “@#$^^@!!” One of the aliens finds them. “RUN!” John says. They both run quickly but the aliens seems to be faster than them. After a few minutes, the aliens are just behind them. “BANG!” John feels hurt on the back and then he becomes in a coma.
Chapter 5
“Eh…”John wakes up, “where am I?” After a while, John feels better, he remembers everything, how he and Mike are captured by the aliens. John looks around. It is a dark room. No window, only one door, John tries to open it, but it is locked. “Where is Mike?” John asks himself. I need to think a way to go out! John thinks, but how? John can find nothing inside the room. “HELLO!” John shouts, ”ANYONE HERE?” No response. “Wait, my phone!” John realized that he brought his phone with him. He takes it out, but there is no signal, he cannot connect to outside. Why there is no signal….John thinks. Aliens…..spaceship…..no signal…..Wait! John realizes one thing, if there is no signal, he may not be on the Earth!
Chapter 6
Suddenly, the door opens, a man goes inside. “Mike!” John says. Indeed, the man is Mike, “Oh, John….”Mike says. “Are you OK?” John asks. “I am fine….”Mike says, “They were doing research on me. I am so uncomfortable now. You will be taken out any minute. Take this,” Mike gives John a pocket knife, “They didn’t see me take a knife. Our things are in another room, you need to get them.” “OK…” John says. Then, two aliens come, “@@#^@$(^” they talk to each other and then one of them comes inside and takes John. Now John can see the aliens clearly, they are gray, have two oval eyes and long fingers. They are not very different from humans. John thinks. Out of the dark room is a long hallway. John can see lots of rooms. After they walk through the hallway. John can see a room with windows. Their belongings are just inside the room.
Chapter 7
When they go near the door of the room, John takes out the knife and hurts one of the aliens, “Oh!!!!” the alien says. Some red blood come out from the wound. John runs into the room with windows and close the door. “@!!#^!*#^)!~~~~!!:” the aliens shout, but John cannot understand. John takes all his things. What can I use? John thinks. Flint! Let’s make some fire. He uses the flint and some of his ropes to make a small fire, and he puts the fire into his sleeping bag. Suddenly, a conflagration occurs. John throws the fired sleeping bag out of the window. “I am on fire!!”a human’s voice comes out. What? Human! John thinks. He realizes something, red blood, human voice. These are not aliens, they are human!
Chapter 8
John looks out from the window. There are no “aliens” or humans. John opens the door. The sleeping bag is still firing. He runs fast back to the dark room. The door is locked, but John can hear Mike is talking to a man. “You know what? Because of your stupid idea, John is missing now. He may finds out our plan!” “I will fix it, I promise!’ Mike says. John feels shocked, Mike is bad?!


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