“Aliens in Indianapolis” by Coby Kapner

Written by plumtree

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Daniel woke up in a panting sweat. He heard zap after zap and decided to rush to his window as fast as he could. He looked out the top floor of the Riley Tower to see that a UFO was right on top of the Central Christian Church right across the street. He changed out of his jammies and ran outside knowing there was only one safe place in Indianapolis to go . . . Bankers Life Field House.

Daniel knew he had to get on N Delaware Street to get to the fieldhouse but wondered how he could get there as the aliens have taken over the whole street. He saw with his very own eyes as the aliens took over the Goodyear Auto Service Center. He called a taxi and it picked him up in about ten minutes. In the taxi, the cover of the Indianapolis Star said that aliens were invading! How could have Daniel not known by now?! He was eventually dropped off at Bankers Life Field House and went in and immediately felt safe as a runner sliding into home plate with no tag.

Right as he walked in Aliens attacked him! Daniel took out his pocket knife and fought them off. “That was close,” thought Daniel. He ran off to try to get to the mayor’s office until he woke up. It was just a dream! He was in a Courtyard Marriott in Salt Lake City.

“Man, that could’ve been bad,” thought Daniel. Indianapolis was his hometown and he felt glad aliens are not in it.


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