“Family of Lies” by Sunny Basu

Written by plumtree

Topics: Archive (2012-2019), Uncategorized

Don’t look in my mom’s pockets,
All you’ll find are empty bottles.
So many eyes out of their sockets,
And so many waiting to be throttled.
My dad collects toys and playthings,
Eventually, they all are killed.
For his secrets are terribly kept things,
And eventually, they’re all spilled.
Don’t even try to talk to my brother,
You can’t even see through the smoke.
The answers you’ll get will sound like no other,
If you could tell that he even spoke.
And finally, there is me.
I’m the one who broke.
I’m purely plastic, and as you can see,
I’ll regret the fact that I spoke.
Together, we’re a family of lies.
Built on silence and silicone.
If you look closely, you’ll see tears glisten in my eyes;
Their words cut deeper than bone.


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