“Superheroes” by Aleydis Barnes

Written by plumtree

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by Aleydis Barnes

Flowing in the soft breeze.
A cape that is known by millions.
Your eye travels up
seeing the slight curve upward
of the sssssss that signifies
the name.
His dedicated fans do not know the
tip tap top tip top tap;
fleshy fingers speeding
across the keyboard,
spinning stories,
facts and ideas,
to see the great ideal, of humanity,
the epitome of all that every kid wants to be,
Yes, little do they know:
their great hero
does not deserve their
Little do they know that
if Superman passed a
crying child
he wouldn’t even blink.
Little do they know that
he wouldn’t help an
old lady cross the street,
or stop a bully from hurting a young girl.
No he wouldn’t.
He wouldn’t help anybody that he didn’t have
He wouldn’t help anybody
that didn’t cause him to be
on the front page.
I know I would.
So although sometimes I
yearn to hear your
cheers screaming my name,
I’m quite content laying in
the background for a
I do not have a cape.
I do not have an emblem printed on my chest.
You couldn’t pick me out of a crowd.
I may even be
All I know is that
I would save anybody I could,
create peace whatever way I had to,
and cheer up
that wailing child
by the sidewalk.
I’d do my deeds for others
not for me.
And so,
I consider myself,

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