“Wait Whaaa?” By Bella Valdes-Houghton

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“Wait Whaaa?”
By Bella Valdes-Houghton

“Pay attention, folks! This is big news—three random people have been chosen and are now being exposed to the public. They will be out in a moment. Thank you.”
Dozens of reporters filed outside the NASA building in the heat of the late August waiting for the three lucky ducks who have been chosen to pause their life down on earth and travel to Mars. Suddenly, a group of three people filed out the door, protected by security. Cameras and microphones were shoved in the faces of the “soon to be” astronauts, just like paparazzi chasing celebrities.
“Can we please ask you all some questions?” Said a woman wearing a tight pencil skirt and a blue blazer. Without a chance to reply a woman was pushed in front of a camera and the news reporter stumbled to get in the slot.
“Hello ma’am, we are live! I am Kelsey Morgan, and here in front of the official NASA building with me is one of our four new friends,” she said with a cheesy smile. “Who will be traveling into space to discover a new medical mystery to cure the spreading disease of Leertoiway. Now moving on,” she continued, “What is your name?”
“Marley,” the short woman muttered as she pushed her…short brown hair out of her face.
“And tell us,” The reporter went on. “How did you feel when the news finally sunk in?”
“Nervous…mostly…I was at the moment working at a wide area networking software company and not particularly happy, so I guess this is some excitement.” Without warning Marley was dragged by security towards a shiny long limo. She was surprised to see one woman sitting next to her and one man across. Everyone was quiet.
“Where to?” The driver asked. Marley barely jumped when a deep voice said, “Primary location.” She wiped her head around and saw a large man sitting calmly in the row behind, wearing thick glasses and a black suit.
“Where are we going?” asked a man sitting across from Marley. He was bald and wearing an ugly suit and Christmas tie even though it was August. “Primary location,” said the man in the back.
“Well, where is that?!” I need to get out of here and go back to work! Why, you ask? I was so close to becoming CEO of my company, but now I am pulled here to go on some weird secret mission thing!!!!” He yelled. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!” He screamed then punched the roof and broke down in pain.
Thirty seconds later the window turned dark and a gurgling sound filled the room. Marley tried to open a window but found that they were locked. She suddenly felt very anxious about the ideas of outer space. She tried to close her eyes and relax but Terry’s heavy breathing prevented that. Soon the car skidded to a stop and the doors mysteriously opened and everyone flew out. They were brought to an empty room they had a large space ship in the center. A woman who had not yet spoken decided to announce that she was hungry…really hungry. The driver said that they would eat momentarily.

They did not eat momentarily. Unless you consider after three hours of spaceship training momentarily.
Seven depressed cooks were standing in front of the ship holding mushy broccoli and slimy mac and cheese. Everyone served themselves then sat on the floor to eat. “THUMP”! Terry and Marley gasped. She had fainted. The anonymous women had fainted. The driver grabbed Marley and Terry by the arm and pulled them along into the ship while a loud ear piercing alarm went off. The cooking lady’s scrambled to get away.
”What happened?” Terry asked.
“Well, she wasn’t protected,” the driver said.
“You mean those little bands the government makes us wear?”
He nodded. Soon they all were on a ship and about to get buckled in. “Wait, where is the other guy . . . in the suit?”
“Not here,” the driver answered. Soon they were all strapped in and ready to go.
“Good Luck!” The driver said with an evil grin.
Marley turned to look at Terry. They both immediately knew they needed to get out and fast. They unbuckled and ran for the door but it was too late. A voice over the speaker said
3, 2, 1 blast off.


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