“My Happiness” by Sunny Basu

Written by plumtree

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“My Happiness”
by Suny Basu
My happiness is the knocks on my door;
Try as I might, impossible to ignore.
My happiness is the moon, ever changing;
Kept around solely for entertaining.
My happiness is the future for which I continue to strive;
The only thing keeping me alive.
My happiness is a lone diamond;
Rare, beautiful, and as achievable as reaching the horizon.


My happiness is a promise no one ever kept;
They untook their oaths as I slept.
My happiness is the Emerald City;
An illusion full of humbugs, untruthfully pretty.
My happiness is the only reason I am here;
Along with love, rage and fear.
My happiness is a ghost;
Never revealing itself to its host.


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