“Interview with Ms. Nations” By Jonathan Kevorkian

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Where did you grow up?
Since I was an Air Force kid, I was born in Virginia and I moved to France for six months, then I moved to Colorado Springs. I then moved to Hawaii, Alabama, Illinois, New Jersey, and then Nebraska.

2. Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

My undergrad was at the University of Nebraska, and I was a journalism major and I minored in English, Science, and Political Science. I wanted to be a writer for a science magazine or a political science magazine and then I went to my grad school at the University of Maryland did my Elementary Education there.

3. Who or what was your inspiration to become a teacher or science teacher if you preferred to teach science?

I had a 7th grade teacher named Ms. Tanner, and I loved her because I was such a strange child because I constantly moved and she celebrated my uniqueness and she made me feel my uniqueness was something to be celebrated. There was also a teacher here and she taught me how to run a well-run classroom for middle school kids.

4. What brought you to Pyle?

I was a stay at home mom and Pyle is near where I live and a friend of mine taught here and I thought about teaching Elementary education and I tried middle school and I discovered that Middle school kids are amazing.

5. What is your favorite project of the year?

The Going Green Project and the thing I love about it is that the kids that do a really good job and that put effort into it, it completely empowers them.

6. Is this your first year being head of the Rock Stars, and what are your emotions about it?

It is exciting because it is challenging me to become more of a leader. It is not necessarily hard, but you have to have courageous conversations sometimes because I am in charge.

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

I do a lot of gardening and take lots of walks with my dogs and my kids.


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