A Shot of Our World” By Vera Chaudhry

Written by plumtree

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Snap, Click, Save
The sound of another memory, effortless or hard-worked
Another day of life
Shown through boundless lenses that have no limits for our capabilities

A turn to the right, zooming in
You can see the focus, take in the minor details, intricate and complicated
The daedal image of the crease in your smile
Or the opening flower of your eye


A turn to the left, zooming out
The aperture that opens, shifting to take in the entirety
The shape of a smiling face
The image of your wholesome eyes and rosy cheeks


Then the illumination of the image with a blinding flash
That forever saves our enlightening victories with vivid color, laughs, and happiness
Which contrasts the saved, forlorn-filled moments, like a shadow cast over our losses
The cherished, remembered moments we want to re-live or mourn in our hearts


Our underlying choice to remember our actions
Puts the frame in the right place at the right moment
Our click, that creates space for another bounce in our skip or tear in our eye
The part that focuses in on the feeling of the world each day, joy, regret, hope


The world as I see it
Through a camera
Forever clicking moments; days, weeks, months; countries, continents
Linked into a collage of our lives, of the universe, of the world as I see it


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