“Surviving Middle School” By Iman Ilias

Written by plumtree

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When I entered middle school, work became harder and we had a lot more homework. On top of that, kids began sorting out into cliques based on things like superficial actions and looks. So I knew I needed to work harder at everything in my life. Back in elementary school, work was pretty easy, though my grades were still not exceptional. I was not exactly amazing at the art of making friends either. I remember my mother telling me I needed to give everything my all if I wanted to succeed in middle school. Honestly, when I first entered middle school, I felt afraid and determined at the same time. I was ready to work hard in order to complete any difficult assignments I got. Getting people to want to hang out with you in middle school was hard, but I knew I needed to figure that out as well. Middle school made me work a lot harder than before usual and I am still working hard today. Starting sixth grade. Now a little bit about how I’m still hardworking now. First off, I always am sure to put pressure on my mind and give my effort into every assignment. I look at every rubric to make sure I did the assignment right, I do my homework all the time, I study for quizzes, and I check Edline to keep up with my grades. And when following all these procedures, both my grades and my work ethic are right on point. When it comes to my social life, I make an effort to express myself and be myself around everyone. I know I especially have to make an effort to tell myself that people will want to be around me as long as I show them what I really like and who I really am. Finally, above all, I make an effort to be savvy around school and know what to do and where to go for help. I know there’s no obstacle I can’t overcome if I know this. Middle school: it’s full of homework, drama, and a lot more. But I know if I work hard at everything that comes my way, I just may be able to get through it.


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