“Welcome to Teen Age” By Iman Ilias

Written by plumtree

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6th grade: it’s a monumental grade, isn’t it? If you’re in a higher grade, you probably have a lot of memories from 6th grade, both embarrassing and fun. If you’re in it right now, believe me, you’re making memories for life. I thought it would be nice to interview some 6th graders to get their perspective on things. Kiara Pearce tells me, “It’s a big change.” I knew that, but I wanted to know what exactly the biggest change was and is for 6th graders. “Having more classes is new,” says Ada C. “Meeting new people and teachers is new,” says Kiara Pearce. These are definitely big academic and social changes in middle school vs. elementary school, but it’s a truth universally acknowledged that, “Homework is overwhelming and horrible!”-Kiara Pearce. 6th grade can definitely be overwhelmingly different. Obviously, you need people to help guide you. A lot of people nowadays would probably turn to their older peers for this guidance, which you should do, but what’s even better is if they turn to teachers for help and guidance. “The teachers are mostly helpful,” says Parker Rock. I’m glad to hear that, but that got me thinking, how exactly do teachers help their students? Well, Kiara Pearce and Ada C. both tell me that the teachers use plan books and such to help ease the students into the new school. I’m in 7th grade, and I remember my first days of 6th grade when my teachers taught me how to write in my plan book and keep track of my assignments! And to the amount of workload 6th graders receive, Parker Rock tells me, “Schoolwork isn’t that bad, homework is too much.” I was also interested in what current 6th graders thought in regards to the three teams. “I don’t think the names are that creative. I like the team leaders,” says Kiara Pearce. “The teams make school seem more fun,” observes Ada C. I totally agree, telling everyone what team you were on in 6th grade was really fun. Most importantly, I wondered what 6th graders felt about this newfound independence suddenly given to them. “The teachers are too controlling in elementary school, and not in middle school,” says Kiara Pearce. “It’s about time we got our independence!” says Parker Rock. I cannot agree more! So, in short, 6th grade is the grade where you go from kid to teenager, and have to figure everything out for yourself. Enjoy every klutzy moment.


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