“Paul’s Bad Day” By Katerina Paras

Written by plumtree

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Paul worked at the Apple Store. He was always selling computers, iphones, ipads, ipods, and many more. It was Tuesday morning.
“Paul, I have a special job for you.” said his boss, Mr. Stone.
“Alright.” said Paul. “What is it?” “This is my aunt’s computer, I want you to take good care of it. Tomorrow is her birthday and I want her to feel good that I got her a computer. So please, don’t sell this to anyone.”
“I won’t.” Paul replied, feeling proud. Mr. Stone never told Paul to have such a big job!
“Yes sir.” said Paul. “Not a stain will appear on this…” He paused. Mr. Stone pulled out the computer, or whatever it was. The computer was big and black, it didn’t look digital. He opened the lid, and there was a tiny screen, no mousepad. There was a little green thing sticking out in the middle of the keyboard.
“What…” Paul started.
“This is her computer.” Mr. Stone enthused.
“Isn’t that like, out of this century?” Paul asked.
“No, well, yes.” said Mr. Stone. “But she is old-school, and she is not expecting it. So, just take care of it. And don’t, I repeat don’t sell it.”
“Cross my heart, hope to die.” Paul said.
“Good.” said Mr. Stone. “Well, good bye, I have to stop by the Grocery Store to buy a cake. Be back in two hours or more.” “K.” Paul replied. “Bye!”
After Mr. Stone left, Paul stood up from his seat and screamed. “Freedom!”
The other employees cheered.
Paul fixed his tie, and sat down in his desk. He put the computer by the edge of the desk, far away from him and started playing some games. He was a slacker, but he did do his job.
“Yo Paul, what’s this?” asked Bill, Paul’s friend.
“Oh, that’s Mr. Stone’s aunt’s computer.” Paul responded.
“Okay. From the 1990s.” Bill said.
Paul laughed. “Yeah. Just while I play call of duty, just watch the computer for a bit.”
“K.” said Bill.
After a while, Paul got off the computer, he grunted and snatched an apple from a basket. He stretched his arms, and wiped the apple on his shirt. Then he took a big chunk out of the juicy apple.
“Ah, nice fresh apple.” Paul said, enjoying the apple.
“Uh, Paul.” Bill tapped his shoulder.
Paul turned around, and saw an orange liquid on the computer.
“AH!” He screamed. He stuck a finger in the liquid and tasted it. Bitter and sweet.
“What is this,” Paul asked, “Soda?”
“Fanta.” Bill replied.
“Why would you put Fanta on the computer?” “Don’t know.” said Bill. “And shouldn’t the person who was asked to watch the computer watch it?”
“True.” Paul pointed out.
He grabbed the computer from Bill’s hands and used his shirt to wipe the liquid off of the cover of the computer.
“Why won’t it come off?” He demanded.
Bill whistled and began to walk away.
“Fine!” Bill came back, “I put the sticky Fanta on it.”
“You WHAT!”
“Accidently, spilled on it.” Bill’s voice trailed off.
“Why?!” Paul shouted.
“I don’t know.”
“Okay. Just let me get a paper towel and wet it. I once spilled the sticky Fanta on my shirt, and I used a wet paper towel, and it came off.”
“Alright.” said Bill. “I’ll make sure no one touches the computer.”
Paul ran and found the paper towel holder. Wrapped around it was a nice fresh roll of paper towels.
He reached for the paper towel but knocked over a water glass. “Dang!” He exclaimed, and ran with the paper towel in his hands, but he didn’t rip off a piece, so Paul was pulling on all the paper towels.
Paul ripped a piece and the paper towel holder fell over where the water was.
He ignored it, and wet the paper towel, and then ran over where Bill was.
“Bill, move!” Paul ordered.
“Okay, okay.”
Bill moved, and Paul wiped the computer. But the computer slipped, and it fell to the floor.
“No!” Paul yelled.
He picked it up.
Paul opened it and began clicking on the green button thing or whatever it was.
Nothing turned on.
“It’s broken.” Bill said hopelessly. “Just forget it.”
Paul frowned. Tears started to spring down. “This was my first job. I can’t lose it.”
Just then, Eve, one of the employees, slipped.
“AHHH!” She screamed.
“Uh oh.” said Paul. “I better clean up the mess.”
He got to work, and soon enough, everything was cleaned.
“Finally.” Paul said, he wiped sweat off his forehead with his forearm.
“One thing.” said Bill. “The computer.”
“Oh right!” Paul exclaimed. “Shoot!”
Then, a voice said: “I’m back! Paul? Where’s the computer?”
The End.


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