“Leo and the Storm Drain” By Ted Wiese

Written by plumtree

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My cousins were in town from Charleston, Boston visiting us in Bethesda, Maryland and they were obsessed with me. They loved to pet my Hoya grey fur. But they wanted to brush me with a giant hair brush. I was overwhelmed when I saw a little girl chasing me around the house with a giant hair brush. The little girl screeched, “Come back Leo!” I let out a roaring “Meow”. I felt desperate and I escaped outside.

Then, I saw that the little girl was still following me. I’m a really curious cat. So I decided to hop into this strange place in the ground that was dark and smelled really bad. This place which seem deserted and, sounded like a barking dog, was very gloomy.

What have I done! My mom, who is probably worried that I could end up some place that no one knows where I am, must be asking me to come back.  There are people that take care of me. I need to find a way out. I tried to get back the way I came, but it was too high for me to get up that way. It’s very cold and damp down hear.

Suddenly, I realized that I was very hungry and nowhere close to home.  So, I went with my cat senses and chose to move on. I was so hungry that my stomach was going to burst. My stomach started to roar. I just walked to an opening where I thought I could try to get out. My eyes started to weep as I was miserable. I was very tired and was really cramped up so I started stretching slowly. I needed to be very cautious not to fall into the wet stuff near me called water apparently.

This strange thing in the ground was like exploring a dark cave. I found another cat that asked me, “Why are you down here?” I said “It’s a long story and I can’t find a way out?” He said, “Take a right from here and that will lead you out of wherever this is.” That cat seemed to be suspiciously praying about something.  I asked him, “What are you praying about?” He said, “I want to go to this place called heaven when I die.” I was so happy because I was thinking of taking a left. I just want food and to see my family. So, I went right and got out and recognized the place where I was.

Finally, I just went home and everyone was happy to see me. I’m a kind of cat who loves attention so I loved it when I came home. They were so happy like a bunch of monkeys with bananas. Luckily, the little girl wasn’t in the house.

The house was just like how I remember it when I left but with a lot less people in it. Maybe even a little depressed. I was lucky and didn’t want to go back in that thing again.   




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