“Longest Day of the Year” by Sara Lapidus

Written by plumtree

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Speeding down Highway L-43 in a black beaten up Ford on the way home from his favorite restaurant, Rio Grande Cole Wilson is angry. He is furious. He is astonished. Cole Wilson, a tall, blond haired, blue eyed twenty three year old man was just dumped by his girlfriend of three years. He was as angry as a mama bear after a human has touched her cub.

“Aaaahhhhh!” he yells to no one in particular hoping to release some of his pent up anger.

He takes a turn as sharp as a knife off the highway onto a residential road and drives into the neighborhood. Feeling embarrassed and enraged he drives into the driveway. Driving usually calms Cole down but today it did not help. He slams the door behind him and climbs up the steps, feeling the rough doormat beneath his feet and begins to shake the doorknob but it doesn’t budge. His anger grows as he realizes he forgets where the spare key is kept. Then, Cole peers around the corner of the house and spots an open window. He climbs inside and lands with a loud thump. As he looks around the bright but cramped living room he realizes that all he sees are memories of him and his ex-girlfriend, Emma Jones. He spots a picture of her smiling, eyes crinkling around the edges, long brown hair blowing in the wind and remembers that bright sunny day when they had a picnic in the park. He can almost hear the swish of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees. However, he knows that he has to leave and soon because he fears that he will see her again. Looking around the room again the first thing that he spots is the television. So, he unplugs the red and blue wires from the wall. Lifting the television is difficult, but he does it anyway. He places it into his truck outside and it seems to groan under the weight. He goes back inside for the computer. He heads up the stairs to grab more things but when gets back down stairs there are blue and red flashings lights and a siren outside.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me” Cole soliloquizes to himself.

He turns to walk out the door but pauses when he sees the alarm. It is flashing red across the top. To read the words on the alarm becomes difficult as Cole gets scared.  

“How could I have forgotten about the alarm? How could I have forgotten about the alarm?” Cole angrily repeats to himself quietly over and over.

Carrying the computer that he grabbed upstairs he walks outside onto the porch and places it onto the ground next to the doormat that reads “Jones.” With an exaggerated sigh Cole raises his hands into the air knowing that he has been caught and wonders to himself how he is going to explain this. Recalling back to last week when he barely escaped the police at the Frederick’s house and all the weeks before that when he had felt so lucky he knows that he has built up a track record because he always seems to be right around the crime scene. Because he knows he won’t be able to talk himself out of this he kneels down, he brushes his long hair to the side, and surrenders.



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