“The Creation” by Molli Hillman

Written by plumtree

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The beaker started to shake like an earthquake, as it came closer and closer to the edge of the table. There was a noise coming from it, almost like a scream. All the commotion woke John from his nap. He shot up from his seat so fast, he was a jack in the box. John threw on his oversized lab coat, and sprinted over to his screaming experiment. Creating new things was his favorite activity, and this beaker was only full of a blue chemical, for just that, but it somehow was moving and screaming, and John had no idea why it was happening. “Gary, bring me my goggles, and I need them now,” John screamed to his assistant.

“Coming sir,” Gary responded, as he hobbled over to the work desk that his boss was standing at, and handed John his goggles. “That took long enough, could you be any slower,” John shouted at his assistant, whose work he was never pleased with, “Now go away!” Then for hours, John observed and studied his creation, and it was growing. Without thinking, he added in another chemical, hoping it would stop the screaming and shaking, but the chemical did just the opposite. At a rapid pace, the creation began to grow, and it was growing faster than anything John or Gary had ever seen before. It began to flood the basement, and it was filling up speedily. Grabbing all the equipment they could, they ran up the stairs, and out of the house, only to see the blue slime consuming the house whole, and still continue to grow.  

John hopped in the car, put his equipment in the passenger seat, and drove away, with the sight of the blue, slimy creation in his rear view mirror, and Gary running behind the car just trying to keep up. As he sped into New York City, which was extremely close to his neighborhood, John realized the danger of his creation. He came to the realization that it might have the ability to destroy the world, with no known way to stop it. He pulled into a parking space, got out of the car, and he found his assistant, Gary next to him. “We must find a new laboratory. Time is limited, and we have to find a way to stop this thing.”

“Okay boss, we should split up to find a place faster,”

“No, you do as I say, and I say you come with me. Let’s go!”

The two scientists sprinted through the streets of New York, for what seemed like days, until they finally found a laboratory, located under the biggest Broadway Theater in the city. They mixed chemicals, gases, and acids together in an attempt to find a solution. Chemicals boiled over and test tubes broke, then finally, they had created a solution. John poured it into a miniscule container, shoved it in his pocket, and ran outside to find his car. The moment his foot stepped out of the building, he heard screams of terror in distance. “Why is everyone screaming?”

“Look over there,” Gary responded.

He spotted the blue creation flowing through the city, swallowing everything in its path, people, buildings, cars, and more. John rushed to his car, and sped off towards his creation. Because he was about 100 feet from it, John hopped out of his car. Reaching deep into his pocket, John grabbed the serum. Nervously, he twisted off the top with sweaty palms, and shaky hands but the container slipped through his fingers and shattered onto the road. The creation was getting closer, and time was running out. He dropped to the ground and scrambled to salvage just one drop of the serum. To get the serum he needed from the ground, he grabbed a piece of the broken glass, and scooped up just one drop. John knew this was the only chance he would have, since the rest of the serum was on the ground. Still, the creation was getting closer. Anxiously, he rose from the ground, and hurled the last drop of serum at his creation.

The last little drop soured through the air. Every noise around him turned silent, and every thought in John’s head disappeared. His eyes followed the drop of serum across the sky, then finally, it hit the creation. Within the blink of an eye, it shrank down, as small as a pea, and dropped directly in front of John. He picked it up, held it in his hand, and proudly yelled out to the city, “I saved the world!”



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