“The Crooked Thief” by Emily London

Written by plumtree

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CRASH! I heard something fall to the floor at my neighbor’s apartment. Brushing it off, I decided that she was probably just being clumsy. That was until I heard the door open a while later and a scream. Quickly, I ran over. She was standing at the door in shock. The apartment was empty!

“What happened?” I asked

“What do you think happened? It was that wicked thief that’s been terrorizing this neighborhood!” She practically screamed back at me. The thief she was talking about was all over the news. They had been breaking into countless New York City apartments, and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of things. The police offered a reward of $10,000 for any information found, but no one knew anything. It seemed as if they were in and out without a trace every time. Suddenly, as I stood there in the doorway, a plan popped into my head. I decided to find the thief.

“I’ll get him!” I declared to my neighbor.
“Good luck with that,” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, “In the meantime, I’m gonna call the police.”

I was determined. To investigate, I walked into the apartment, much to my neighbor’s dismay.  I looked around and saw a small chip of wood that had the same intricate carving as the table that used to be there. It must have broken off the table when I heard the loud crash earlier!

“I’m off to investigate!” I yelled as I rushed off, my neighbor still trying to piece together what had just happened. I may not have been a cop, or a detective, or even have above-average intelligence, but I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t stop until I had found this burglar. Besides, I had always wanted to be a detective. First, I decided that I would look around in the vicinity of my apartment building for the table with the intricate pattern.

I walked out the building with the wood chip. I was in such a hurry that I left my magnifying glass in the apartment. Obviously, every detective needs a magnifying glass. I walked down the street and saw a table with newspapers outside of a store. The paper had a headline about the crooked thief. As I was reading the article, I noticed the interesting table the paper was sitting on. It had the exact same carving. I went in and spoke to the storekeeper, who said he had bought the table earlier that morning. He didn’t know who but he said it was a man with long black hair and a pair of black gloves.

Suddenly my phone rang. It was my neighbor! She said that I had been robbed and I needed to come back immediately. I started walking back to my building. Standing 100 feet away was when the sight hit me. I saw a man with long black hair and black gloves, walking back to a U-Haul. Is he the thief? I wasn’t sure until I saw what he was holding. It was my prized possession, my detective’s magnifying glass. I was shocked. It must be him!

I shouted out at him, “HEY!” He looked startled and jumped into the truck, but not before I saw his face. He had freckles on his cheeks and eyes as blue as the ocean. I started to run after the truck, and was able to keep up until the truck stopped near a small motel. He got out of the U haul and, surprised, he turned around and started to run. I caught up and tackled him.

“You’re coming with me,” I said proudly, knowing that my hard work paid off and my neighborhood would be safe again.



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