“The Day The Grown-Ups Disappeared” by Martin Kiron

Written by plumtree

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The day that the grownups disappeared was the day everyone’s lives changed forever. No one had been warned, no one was prepared. This was unprecedented. Was this an accident?

Moreover, that afternoon the sun struck across the Earth like an arrow. The fresh grass got a haircut and was looking better than ever. Blue River Middle School was located in Bethesda, Maryland. The newly built middle school was massive, and a little far away from the public some could say. Siding the school, were some secluded woods and the nearby neighborhood. To say those woods were haunted was an understatement. Cell phone reception was never good at that school.

Furthermore, it was 4th period and the halls were so packed that everyone looked like a bunch of sardines in a can. The day was better than normal because it was a Friday. Jake and Marco were running down the hall to get to their algebra class.

Jake screamed, “You are trying to impress Lindsey, but yet you are wearing that dirty grey Vans sweater.”

Marco replied in a girlish voice, “Why are you wearing Anna’s bat mitzvah long sleeve for the second time this week?”

Jake thought to himself, “Why has Marco been being so annoying recently? He needs to take a chill pill.”

Nevertheless, they were about to walk into class, when Mr. Fullerman, always dressed in a really cheap suit and tie stopped them.

“Now hold up, why were you runni-,” he asked, but was immediately cut off.

They both looked around slowly, perplexed by what they saw.

“Marco, did you see that, where did he go?” Jake asked with a sense of worriedness.

“Please tell me this is a dream, please. What did I just witness?” Marco thought.

Marco frantically looked inside the nearby rooms and came up with nothing.

“They’re gone,” he told Marco plainly.

They both felt a terrible churn in their stomach and acid boiled in their throats.

Suddenly, kids from all classrooms began to pour out faster than the speed of light. Kids all around began to yell, argue, and scream. Chaos reigned across the halls. Students were punching each other, breaking computers, cracking windows. Pencils flew through the air like bullets through the air. The school was coming apart.

“Marco we need to leave now, this is getting out of hand,” Jake told him firmly.

“No, this looks sick, let’s go square up some fools,” Marco replied.

Jake yelled into his face, “MARCO! Look at me! If we don’t leave soon we might not get out of here. Alec has a gang and they are going to take everyone hostage here.”

“Fine. I see what you mean. Let’s leave before thing get heated,” he admitted.

Although he wanted to go, he trusted his gut and left. The next thing you knew, Jake and Marco raced down the main stairs and headed out through the floor-squeaky gym right next to the woods. They ran out into the woods little until they heard a loud BOOM! Tired from running, they looked back and saw a huge fireball erupt from the building. After running in the dark and through the misty woods, they made their way to the lonely neighborhood. Not a single car moved. The place was silent. They were starving. Their whole bodies asked as if something was missing.

They had no idea what had happened. They were beyond confused and tired.  No one knew. Everyone was frightened.



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