“Doomed” By Dhruv Raghavan

Written by plumtree

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I was walking down a silent street at ten o’clock in the night. My destination was my friend’s house for a slumber party. The eerie sounds of the night made my journey spooky. A bat flew by, and an owl hooted. But suddenly the crickets stopped their song. A crowd of bats appeared out of nowhere, and flew over my head. Their wings were beating very fast, and they cried out into the dark night. The birds stopped chirping, and the owl went back into its nest. There wasn’t a single sound at all. I stopped walking, and looked around. Suddenly, a great gust of wind blew away my cap, and a huge shadow appeared at my feet. Now I look up, and there is a very tall figure. There is fog blinding my vision, but I can make out a faint outline of a humanoid body. The fog cleared, and I screamed out loud. For in front of me, there was a monster. His skin was green and ugly, and he was only wearing a dirty loincloth. His face was that of a human, but bigger since he was over 50 feet tall. He was very fat, and looked grotesque. He opened his mouth, revealing two sets of sharp teeth. I knew at once that I was doomed, as he grabbed me with his giant hands, and brought them close to his mouth. He dropped me into his mouth, and I felt his gross saliva all over me. I looked up and saw his razor-sharp teeth above. Then his jaw went down, and————-



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