“Whole Life” By Dhruv Raghavan

Written by plumtree

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I shuddered as the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate the man in Jurassic Park.  

I tumbled down the hill screaming, and hitting boulders along the way. When I reached the bottom, there was a “thud”, and the next thing I knew I was smelling blood.

I took a bite of the sweet my grandmother made, and my taste buds exploded.

I was lying in bed with my young little brother stroking his hair and enjoying the soft texture of his hair.

Me and my brother were fighting one day, and since I’m stronger than him, I beat him by shoving him away. As he fell, his head hit the wall, and I heard a sickening crack. “Oh oh,” I thought.

I flew into my mother’s arms and I felt true peace and joyfulness.

As I lay in bed, I couldn’t sleep because I would be going to India by myself the next day. Dark thoughts kept coming to my mind and I tried to stop them but they kept coming.

My swim event was going to begin shortly. I was very nervous, so I told myself, “Dhruv, don’t worry, because you have your whole life to improve.”



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