“The Great Escape” By Richard Qin

Written by plumtree

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My name is Andrew and my brother’s name is Cole. We both go to River High School. I have blond hair and I am 17 years old. Cole is 15 years old and he also has blond hair. River High School is a weird high school because many students just disappear. On the first day of school, there was only 1 new student and his name was Cody. He wore contaminated clothes and he was looking as if he just got out of bed. Many people said that he’s as dirty as a pig. Every day, people in school bullies him, telling him to go outside and eat, and much more. Even the teachers sometimes tell him to get out. When the bell rings, everyone pushes him around in the hallway because everyone hates him.

“I wonder if his life is going well at home,” I said.

“Who cares? He’s not even that important in our school anyway,” said Cole.

“Shut up,” I said, “be nice.” The next day, I sat next to him in the hallway during lunch. I asked him why he doesn’t wear new clothes. However, he just wouldn’t talk to me. Suddenly, he started crying as the principal, Mr. Lawn, came over.  He looked as if he’s 1000 years old. “Andrew, go to my office . . . NOW!” said Mr. Lawn

While I was walking over to his office, I was not only thinking about what the principal was going to do to me, but I was also thinking about why Cody started crying. I was really nervous. For some reason, Cole was also in the office.

“Why are you here?” I asked. “I don’t know. The principal just sent me down here.” said Cole. Suddenly, the principal walked in. I felt the butterflies started flying in my stomach and I was about to pass out.

“Why did you make Cody cry?” asked the principal.

“I didn’t. I asked him a question and he just started to cry.”

“Whatever, that’s not the point. The point is that you two will not be continuing high school,” said the principal.

“WHAT?!” Cole and I yelled.
“You two and Cody have to go to camp,” said Mr. Lawn, “come on in Cody.”

Suddenly, Cody came from a secret door that was hidden in the wall. I stared at Cole as we were both really confused.

“Wait what do we need to do and who is Cody?” asked Cole.

“Cody is the instructor of that camp, and he is here to take you guys there,” said the principal, “and before you ask, you guys are going there because of the bad grades that you guys get. We can only send you there or else we will not win the Best School of This Year Award.”

“Whatever, you can’t do this to us because our parents never agreed to this,” I said.

“Um, take a look at this paper,” said the principal. As we looked down, Cody and these other people picked us up and carried us outside of school.

“It was you. All the students that disappeared went to camp and this is all because of you. You did this just to get the $500,000,” said Cole. “Well, no one will ever know about this anymore. See ya,” laughed Mr. Lawn as Cody and the other men threw us into the back of a truck.

While we were sitting in the truck, I tried to think of a way to escape. “Hey, you have a great memory. Why don’t you look at the window to see where you are going and then call

mom,” I said.

“I can’t, Mr. Lawn took my phone away from me,” said Cole.

“Hey why don’t we do this, we say that we are going the bathroom and then try to escape,” I said.

“Let’s try it,” said Cole. “STOP THE TRUCK!” The truck suddenly just stopped as we fell over because of inertia.

“What the heck is your problem, now shut up,” said Cody.

“I need to use the bathroom,” said Cole.

I immediately said, “Yeah, me too. I’ve been drinking a lot of water these days.”

“Hey Lawson, find a bathroom, I don’t want these punks to make my truck all smelly.” After around 3 minutes, we got off to use the bathroom. However, 2 men followed us in. In the meantime, looked all around the bathroom and I only saw a window.

“Hey, jump up and jump out the window,” I said. When Cole was about to land on the ledge, one of the men grabbed his leg and pulled him down. I ran towards that guy, but the other guy tackled me. They threw us back into the truck, tieing us with ropes this time.

“You guys are smart, but not smart enough,” laughed Cody.

10 minutes later, we finally arrived at the camp. Cody gave us our room number and he gave us two blankets and two pillows. We went inside the tall building and found our room.

“Man it’s hot in here. Why don’t they turn on the AC. They do know that it’s 99 degrees outside right?” Cole commented. We walked along the building, as we saw a lot of familiar faces. Until when we were at the 3rd floor, we saw our best friend, Robert.

“OMG is that you, Robert Silk?” I asked.

“Who are you?” Robert asked.

“I’m Andrew, from River High School. Your best friend.” I said.

“ANDREW! I’m so glad to see you again. Mr. Lawn is the worst, sly, old man ever. He was the one that sent me here.” Robert explained. We went to his room and talked about how he was doing and what we do here. Robert said that we go to this old building and we basically sit there for 7 hours, learning about the subjects that we are learning in River.

“Well that’s boring. I’m actually kind of curious on what it’s going to be like,” I said. Robert also said how it’s painful here because you only get 5 minute showers, a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a slice of bread for lunch, a bad cheeseburger for dinner, and that we have to wake up at 4 am to run 3 miles every day. “Have you guys ever planned an escape before?” I asked.

“Well, there was this kid who tried to escape, however Cody and the other people started shooting at him and tracking him down . . . and they actually killed him.” Robert explained.

“Are there any times where everyone have like free time and get to talk to each other?” Cole asked.

“Actually, it’s next week. It’s the second Tuesday of each month.” Robert said.

At this point, I was tired and I wanted to go to bed. I woke up the next day at 4 am and went outside to run a mile. Then, I followed Robert and went to the cafeteria for breakfast. Then, I went to the old building and sat right behind Robert because we get free seating. It was painful as if I was reading 100 boring books. The teachers were owls, watching everything that you do. I saw how each staff had a red whistle and keys on their pants. It’s like the whistle is telling me that they should not mess with the staffs. I looked up in the gray sky, feeling like there

was no hope to escape.

Next Tuesday, everyone met up with me and I told them my insurgency. I said, “When we exit out of the building, we will distract the staff and we will do whatever we can to pass out the teacher. We will then take the keys and the whistle and get in the truck and drive our way out. Cole knows the way back to River High School and I will drive back. To be safe from Mr. Lawn, we have to go to my house. By that time, we can call the cops and send Mr. Lawn to prison. Running is the only way to do this so everyone has to save their energy.”

Everyone agreed to my plan as they are going to prepare. The next day, when the staff locked the doors, Robert went up to him and said that he found $200 on the ground with a not right next to it. That staff went over to see as the big guys punched that staff in the face before that staff could blow the whistle. I took the keys and ran straight towards the car. I put the keys in and drove out, into the highway. Driving, we finally got to River High School in 20 minutes.

“Hey guys, we are going to my house to call the cops because none of us have our phone. As I drove back home, I told my parents everything and I called the cops. The cops arrested Mr. Lawn and Cody.

“See ya, Mr. Lawn!” I yelled at Mr. Lawn.

“I hate you guys so much!” Mr. Lawn yelled back. Cole and I started crying, for this escape was worth it.



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