“Flight” By Jolie Rosenstein

Written by plumtree

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“Buckle your seatbelts we are about to take off”, I heard the pilot say. I was sitting next to my optimistic friend Sarah who was wearing a light blue sweatshirt, black shorts and sneakers. We were in an immensely small and old plane and the heat from Hawaii was getting to me even though I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Before we took off I should have questioned the fact that it is only me and Sarah on this plane. As I look a little nervous, Sarah reminds me that we are only going from Maui to Oahu so the flight will be as short as a baby’s height.

Time flies and we are high up in the middle of nowhere. I feel the plane tremble a little, smell the peanuts, and hear the engine as we soar across the sky. All of a sudden I hear a sound from the pilot’s area and then the plane drops. I turn to Sarah looking nervous but she tells me it is probably turbulence. To be on a little plane in the middle of nowhere was frightening enough, but now I feel like the plane is going to fall out of the sky. Walking to the cockpit nervously, I knock on the door to see if everything is ok.

“No one answered, should I go in”, I asked Sarah

“Yeah, be careful”, she responds

Worried, I go in and check to see what happened and there lays the Pilot on the floor not breathing. His blonde hair is covered in dust from the floor and his uniform is wrinkled from falling. I call Sarah over and she makes me realize that we have to fly this plane if we want to live. “Help!! Our pilot just had a heart attack!!” Sarah yells over the phone, but we get no response. I’m extremely apprehensive and think to myself goodbye world, this plane is going to crash, and it’s the end of our lives as we know it.

“Stop panicking, we have to believe that we can land this plane”, Sarah says to me. I get my panicky self together and help Sarah with this very eerie situation. Even though it is hard to distract myself from the shaky plane and my heart beating so quickly I look around the cockpit. “Look there are labels for the controls”, I tell her. As we are about to start using them, the plane starts going insane and we get distracted. “Boom” things are falling everywhere from the plane shaking uncontrollably. One would think that it is ok if we dropped because there is just water underneath us, but they would be wrong. There is a giant spot of rocks just ahead of us and I have a feeling we are going to crash into them considering all our bad luck. I feel like I’m in a movie, this could not be real.

Two 18 year old girls should not be put in this position. While I look over at Sarah, her sparkling blue eyes are watering, but so are mine.

“Lexi, There is still hope, just believe”, Sarah tells me.

“Ok, let’s start figuring out the controls”, I respond.

Finally, we click on a control labeled smooth flight, and the shaking starts to disappear. Now all we need is to figure out is how to land the plane. Sarah and I walk back over to our seats, but get knocked over by the planning dropping about 5 feet.

“I thought the plane was flying smoothly”, I yell to Sarah.

“I guess it’s still not being flown”, she answers.

We are sitting on the floor praying to land in the water hugging each other tightly. The plane starts falling traumatically, I feel like I’m on…..



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