“The Cloak” By Grace Zhao

Written by plumtree

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She was running for her life, again. She quickly turned a left then faked a right, shaking them for a bit, but she knew that they wouldn’t stay fooled for long. She headed to the streets where a small sign, rusted from time, but still recognizable pointed to Alpha Peak street. She had wandered the past for a long time, but this time she wanted to change it. A risky choice, and a usually fatal one for most people, and Shana was warned it would be risky and dangerous, but not as fatal as it turned out to be.

All she had to do to escape from the past was to twirl her new cloak once, but she needed, wanted to save her father. She darted quickly through the streets, turning right at Bradsby and approached the pristine white building with a sign that said “Medical Research Center for All Diseases” or MRCAD. Shana paused for a moment, remembering how she used to joke about it, before quickly snapping out of it. “Don’t get distracted,” she muttered to herself.


She headed toward the back entrance to not disturb the strict security inside. Suddenly, a rough hand burst through the wall that circled the lab and snatched her cloak, hollering, “I got ‘er! I got ‘a wretched girl!” Shouts quickly arose, and the sounds of heavily thumping feet quickly started town.

“Abort mission, and leave it to enemy hands, or lose her life . . . Those were the most sensible choices, but Shana, being a rebellious one, chose neither.

She tugged with all her might at her cloak, praying it wouldn’t rip. She had originally imagined the cloak slipping out of the man’s hand, but his grip was so tight, that he stayed on. Shana heard a thump from the other side and the man’s grip reasonably loosened. “He probably hit the wall,” thought Shana “I didn’t realize I improved so much.” Footsteps were nearing with the owners not bothering to hide their sound, so she gave another quick tug, and the unconscious man’s feeble hold let go. She had no time to fight them, she was on a tight schedule. So all she could do was hope the reinforcements would arrive.

She dashed into the dimly lit entrance, hoping she could save her dad.


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