“Wake” by Archie Achesa

Written by plumtree

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The teens assembled at the old high school basketball court with its caved in floor and small broadleaf weeds unaware why. The five completed mastering their powers oblivious of each other’s own motivation. Steve, the confident, handsome, and well-built athletic senior began the conversation, “Does anyone know what we are doing in this dump of a court?” Steve said in an acerbic manner.

The others replied with a slight shrug and giggle. Even though no one knew each other, they began a discussion about how life is at the shady and boring Trenton high going on until they realized it was that time of day where crime erupted like a volcano in the neighborhood. Murders and robberies was a usual thing that happened. It was a day to day livelihood for the people.

Instantaneously, a white, bright, blinding light burst in the middle of the teenagers causing an awestruck feeling for the figure that appeared from it. Torn toga robe, and sandals-all white with a gold lining, it appeared to be as if heaven had come down to Earth. Everyone’s eyeballs moved from side to side leaving their bodies at a complete freeze. The being sat on the hard concrete as he struggled to breathe. He signaled for anyone to come closer but no one dared, until Steve’s audacity overcame him and he reached out to touch the man. In an instant, Steve vanished to dust.

Terrified of this, everyone took a step back in stupefaction. As a result of this, Neo scrubbed off his glasses in utter disbelief.

“Was it possible? Were all the legends true?” Neo cut off from his deep thinking due to the wrinkly sage man screaming out in horror, “War is coming!” he screamed till it all came to a slight gentle murmur that swept away with the gentle breeze.

Everyone’s mind puzzled around what had happened. Truth be told, instincts activated as a large purple being lunged at the teens. It was almost twenty-feet-tall with large muscles which bulged out of its chest and arms. Calling to address it by name, Titan Trax. Swinging from side to side in its hands was the senior star Steve, he was unconscious as Theo lashed out with his enchanted fire sword and death shield which had appeared with the snap of a finger to try to get to his new companion. Gianna rolled into battle alongside him with her magical enchantments that had no effect on the Trax.

Meanwhile, Neo stood to the side as the same questions ran through his mind. Luckily, Aria was beside him to snap him out of his long and blank thinking before he got hit by a gigantic frozen boulder. She encouraged him to try anything he could to help. “Bang!” another so-called Titan popped up, accompanied by the dark sky and the hard rainfall. Water drenched the young teenagers. Theo’s fire sword came to be smoke as the first raindrop hit the tip of its sharp iron blade. Theo defenselessly was throttled with large fireballs and rocks from the two titans. The newest of the titans called himself Xtra which was kind of odd considered it was uttered as “Saxtra.”

Defenseless and unprotected, the small group ran to the nearest cover they could find, the school’s large tree plantation. Neo got knocked out cold when he stopped to stare one more time at the titans and got hit by debris. Tired and slow, outnumbered by the doubling titans, they had no choice but to come up with a plan that would help them to win this odd experience of a war. They all sat there in anticipation of either someone’s life saving plan or the large, life ending foot. Whichever would come first would be destiny. Gianna suggested they outflank and try to attack the titans from the sides but it was soon overrun. With time running out and ideas falling short, it was concluded that the main aim was to rescue Steve and keep any civilians clear of the area. It was a long hard fight which resulted in the injury of Trax helping even out the battlefield but costing the heroes all their fighters apart from Theo and Steve. He was able to escape as the final blow struck to put down the twenty-foot-tall giant. Xtra was unfortunately able to injured all but Steve and Theo who ended up looking like they had just walked out of the city dump.

Blood dripped down Theo’s swollen lip, small specks of stone lodged in his legs and heels, Steve was no different. Standing side by side surrounded, the two fought to the death. All his wit, Steve went in for the kill, getting to all the Titans apart from Xtra who whacked him away like a pesky fly with his unattractive, wrinkly hands. It was the end, bodies were scattered all over the school upper field, covered in blood wounds and battle scars that left scars in the soul, nobody moved apart from the rustling wind that passed through the grassy fields. Xtra overlooked the scene with his fellow Titans celebrating the victory. Theo rushed to Steve’s side, he coughed blood like a pump machine.

“Wake up, Wake Up!” his voice rang like a church bell in the vast mountain plain of his mind.



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