“Barney’s Life Story” by John Robertson

Written by plumtree

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Once upon a time there was a very nice family. The Robinsons were the wealthiest family in their little mining town on the outskirts of Honolulu the capital of Hawaii. Barney was their only child. He had short black hair and bright green eyes like his father. He was only 5 years old when tragedy struck. His parents went on a trip from their little home on the island of Honolulu in Hawaii to California on a boat. But as they were half way, the ship hit a storm and they were washed up against a rock. They saw something in the bushes, and then it jumped and killed them with lightning fast claws. 7 years later, Barney was all alone and depressed, because his parents died he had to live with his aunt and uncle who then told him of the legend of the land hydra with long claws and eight heads that lives on an island in the middle of the sea near Hawaii. Barney realized that the Hydra must have killed his parents. He had not known why they left for 7 long years. He asked his uncle where he could find a boat. His uncle told him, “You can’t go out there. It’s too dangerous. What if you got killed by that hydra just like your parents?”

That was the first time in 7 years that they had mentioned Barney’s parents when he was in earshot. He ran away wailing in pain from thinking about them being gone forever he couldn’t take it. He started reading. The book was about a warrior who had seen a hydra and lived to tell the tale. Barney packed up his things, took a knife from his uncle’s collection, and started down the string of islands to the biggest island of Hawaii, the southernmost island closest to the hydra. He arrived to the harbor near Honolulu and found a nice sailboat, but just as he was about to rig the boat, a man came walking up the deck. “I have to hide,” he thought to himself.

The man was getting closer and closer. He started to speak with a shaky tone. “If anybody is on these boats, I’m warning you, I am armed with a gun, so just give yourself up.”

From his hiding spot on the boat, Barney threw a rock as far as he could. It flew through the sky in the direction of the research center where they were. The rock hit the chain link fence with a loud CLANG.

The guard immediately turned around and ran for the gate. Barney finished rigging the boat. He only had 2 minutes before the man would return. Luckily for him, the gate out to the ocean was open. He started to sail out of the gate, but the man was coming back. Barney looked around frantically trying to figure out a way to make it look like the boat hadn’t been touched. He managed to park it just as the man came back into view. The man turned back around and walked off the wharf. The gate was still open. He had a chance. He waited and waited for what felt like hours. Then right then and there, there was some wind. He untied the boat and started towards the gate. The man was in the window and he saw Barney on the boat, “I knew there was something in the harbor. I didn’t trust myself,” he thought.

In addition, he called through the loudspeaker, “All hands on deck someone or something is stealing one of our boats. Close the gate!”

The gate was starting to close. Barney was getting worried that he wouldn’t make it on time. The wind started to pick up. He was going faster at this point in time. The gate was going to close. There was just enough room to get through and he did just barely. Barney was on his way to find a new hope of getting revenge on the monster. He was sailing and sailing down the coast of the island all the way to the bottom of the islands. The problem was, he couldn’t steer very well, so it took him a while to get from place to place. After 4 days of travelling, he was almost out of food. He needed to stop, but just as he was about to give up, he saw the island of Hawaii, the largest thing he had ever seen. It was so beautiful. He had some money to pay for food and somewhere to park his boat that his aunt had given him. He went to the main port and asked if he could park his boat.

They said that he could, but it would cost more than all the money he had, so he went around the island. But there were no other ports. With the rope he tied the boat to the tree along the shore and after that put some leaves over it so that if anyone came around they wouldn’t see it. Then he went into town to find food and the adventurer that his uncle had told him about. He walked into a grocery store to buy some food and saw the wanderer that he was looking for. Barney walked over to meet the man.

“Excuse me, are you Bob Higginson, the legendary hydra slayer?” He asked in a polite tone of voice.

“That is me but, those days are over,” he told him.

“Please, you have to help me!” Barney pleaded.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you,” The man told him.

Barney sulked out of the grocery store with a lot of food and some water for the boat ride to the island. At that moment, he heard something behind him . . . the man crashed out of the grocery store and sprinted down the street after him, until he caught Barney and told him he would help.

But, it was under a one condition: only if he and Barney went to his house right away. They started towards Mr. Higginson’s house, but then Barney heard another crash from back at the grocery store. The clerk was chasing them down. Barney looked to his left. The man was carrying a bag of groceries, but he didn’t pay for them. They started to run faster. Barney could have stopped him, but he knew that if he did, then the man wouldn’t help him They reached a dark alley. They went in clambered over the wall and ran off into the night. It was around 5:30 a.m. when they reached the man’s house.

“I have lots of food water and weapons we can use,” he told Barney.

“Thank you for your help. It’s really meaningful to me that you would help a stranger,” Barney replied with a smile.

The two started to pack up for the long voyage back up the coast towards the hydra. Barney kept wondering how this random guy beat a hydra in a battle so he asked him and the man replied, “Well, I have a harpoon that has eight points, so I can hit every head on the hydra with a harpoon instead of just one.”

They started on their voyage towards the island. They spent 2 days and 3 nights on the boat. They were starting to give up, but as they were the island came into view, “We’re here” he told Barney with a shaky tone

They were still far enough away that they couldn’t completely see the entire island. They started heading closer as the wind picked up threw the waves. Barney was having second thoughts about coming on this trip, but he was glad that he had someone with him. They reached the shore. Barney didn’t know what to say. He was so worried, but so excited. The man told him that the ancient land hydra would be roaming the perimeter of the island looking for trespassers, or he would be at the summit of the mountain.

The two started the log trek up the mountain. When they reached the summit of the mountain they saw it sitting on an ancient wall with futuristic markings on it. It was sleeping, but as they approached, it woke with a start. It raised its long thin black neck to the sky and opened his eyes then it dashed at them with tremendous rage. Barney was petrified. As he was about to have the same fate as his parents, Bob pulled him aside. Behind cover, Barney was still shaking. The hydra looked around trying to find out where they went.

Barney snapped out of it. He had a plan. He was going to run around fast enough and long enough to both get the hydra’s attention and to not be killed by its enraged state of mind. He started running out from behind the cover. He went sprinting around the hydra. It didn’t know what to do, then Barney heard it. It was the loudest and ugliest hiss he had ever heard. The hydra knocked him to the ground, and it was about to rip him open when Bob shot the harpoon into the hydra’s heads.

It wheeled around flailing its arms trying to break free. But it couldn’t. Barney thanked Bob for helping him defeat the monster and get revenge for his parents’ death. Barney also vowed never to never go on a boat again. It had make him sick and tired. As the hydra fell to the ground, the trees danced in the wind.

Soon, he had said goodbye to Bob. He started the voyage home. All the way, he was thinking of his parents and how much he loved them and how sorry he was for leaving his aunt and uncle. Despite all of this, when he got home, his aunt and uncle embarrassed him in open arms and never thought anything of it.



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