Narcissistic By Ariel Kim

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

My, my, what’s that in front of me?
It’s so shiny, bright, pretty and clean!
His hair, glistening, and shining in the sun,
His clothes, beautiful and so well done!

As he walks on by, holding his mirror,
I can see his gorgeous eyes, clearer and clearer!
His shoes so lively, with those shoelaces made of gold,
His strut so courageous, charming and bold!

My, my, he looks so familiar, as if he were I,
He does everything the same, and those beautiful eyes.
I look in the mirror, touching my face,
Then look down further, below my waist.

I’m having deja vu in fact, something seems odd,
That man is just like me, this seems so wrong.
I look at my face once again, with those eyes so very tan,
And then I remember, I am that man!


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