The Case of the Missing Car By John Duffie

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

One day at the National Auto Museum, a boy named Braden was walking around with a happy look on his face. Earlier that day, his dad Brad had taken him over to the museum where he worked as a night guard. Braden loved cars and he especially loved the really expensive and priceless Lamborghini that was on display. There was someone else there too. It was a kid named Cory. As soon as Cory saw the car, he knew he wanted to have it for himself. After the museum had closed and Braden had gone home, Brad was on duty. He slipped out of the bathroom stall where he had been hiding and then went over to the car, careful to avoid Brad. He hopped up to the podium where the car sat and got in the car. Once he was inside, he looked everywhere for the keys to the car. He was successful in finding them in the glove box and started the car. Brad heard the sound of an engine behind him and turned to face the car with its lights on.
He said “What the heck!” The car started its engine and drove right off the podium where it had sat a moment before. The car almost hit Brad, but he dodged it. He tried to call for backup. When no one came, he thought, “The person driving that thing must have shut off the walkies!” He drove home grudgingly, too sad to speak. During dinner, his son Braden said, “What’s wrong Dad?”
Brad responded “The expensive Lamborghini was stolen. I do not know who the culprit is yet.”
Braden said, “You should call Jeremy. (Jeremy was father to John and Luke and Matt’s boss.) He can send Matt (Matt was Jeremy’s worker and truck driver.) over to help you.”
Brad said, “That is a good idea.”
Brad called Jeremy and said “Can you send over Matt to help me with something at the auto museum.’’
Jeremy said “Sure. But John and Luke are with him right now.”
Brad said, “That is ok. They can hang out with Braden.” So Jeremy called Matt and asked him to meet Brad at the auto museum. When they got there, Braden and John said “hello” then went to check out the cars. Luke stayed with Brad and Matt. When they got to the Lamborghini’s podium,
John said “What happened to the priceless and expensive Lamborghini?” Braden said, “My dad said it got car-jacked.”
“By who?” John asked.
Braden said, “We do not know yet, but it was new built in 2011-present day and it was from the Washington Auto Show. John said “Have you been there?’’
Braden responded “No, but my dad told me that it has more than 500 new cars on display and the auto show has tons of cars from every manufacturer in the world and country. My dad also said that the cars are built in Italy by the Lamborghini car company.” Braden said. Meanwhile, Brad and Matt were talking and reviewing the security footage on Brad’s phone with an app used to check security cameras in the museum.

Brad said, “I don’t get it. The thief must have slipped past me and got into the car and found the keys, which he must have used to start the car and drive away.”
Matt said “Jeremy is getting really mad that someone is going into the shop and stealing all his high impact guns to change tires. Maybe it’s the same person.” \
Luke says, “What’s a high impact gun? And I found this,” he holds a wallet size photo that he found on the floor. Braden and John rush forward.
Matt tells Luke, “A high impact gun is a gun used to change tires on trucks and cars.”
Braden looks at the photo and says, “That’s Cory. He’s a kid in my class.”
Braden said, “That Lamborghini had 691 to 740 horsepower and cost 200,000 dollars, so if \Cory was the culprit, he could not control something that fast and expensive.”
Luke says, “What is a Lamborghini?”
Matt says, “It is a really fast and expensive car.” So everyone went back to their cars they came in and drove to Cory’s house. Once there, they knocked on the door.
Cory’s mom answered it. “Are you guys looking for Cory?” she said.
Brad said, “Yes. We believe that your son car- jacked a very expensive Lamborghini Veneno and we believe it is here.”
Cory’s mom said, “Alright, you can go check the garage.”
So Brad and Matt went to check the garage to look for the Lamborghini. They were shocked. It was not there, but little did they know that the Lamborghini was hiding inside the barn in their backyard. So they all went back to the museum.
Brad said, “I do not get it. We thought Cory was the perpetrator.”
Braden said, “Or maybe he is. Dad, do you remember the barn in Cory’s yard the last time we visited?”
“Yeah,” said Brad. “Let’s go back there.” Everyone headed out to Cory’s for one last time. They did not even bother to knock, so they went out to the barn and threw open the door and there it was.
“We found it!” said Braden. Brad took Cory to juvie and then drove the car back to its place in the museum where it still sits.


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