“Getting A Dog” By Alessia Hills

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

It was during spring of 2016, and my family and I were driving to pick up our new puppy from the airport. In the trunk of the car we had a box lid and blanket for our puppy with bowls of food and water. Everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait to see our new puppy. During the car ride there, my brother and I decided to pick a name for our puppy, we ended up choosing the name Lyla. Once we arrived at the airport, we parked where there was a building dedicated just for picking up animals.

My dad, my brother, and I went into the building to get our puppy Lyla while my mom prepared everything for her in the car. The three of walked in and were hopeful to see our puppy waiting there for us. Unfortunately, when we asked the person at the front desk where she was, they said that she hadn’t arrived yet. So we sat down and all waited for about an hour until a worker in the back room came out with a crate that had a little puppy squirming around inside. My dad, my brother, and I jumped out of our seats and ran over to the crate. We were all so eager to hold Lyla and see her, so we took the crate out of the building and brought it to the car where my mom was. We put the crate in the trunk and took Lyla out of it and placed her on the blanket in the trunk. We tried to calm Lyla down by petting her and giving her water and food, but she was to confused and scared to do anything. So we picked her up and brought her inside the car where we wrapped her in a blanket and pet her to try and get her to relax.

As we drove home, Lyla started to calm down and stopped shaking. I picked her up gently and held her in my arms as she started falling asleep. I felt so happy and overjoyed and was glad that she finally was able to relax. Lyla slept for most of the car ride home. When we arrived at our house, Lyla ran up the steps to the front door. We played with squeaky toys, played fetch, and ran around the house for the rest of the day.

When the day was over, we all went to bed and brought Lyla to her bed which was in the room next to mine. Thinking that she was sound asleep, I went to bed too. Later that night, I heard crying from Lyla in the room next door. So I got out of my bed and went into the room where she was sleeping to check on her. I walked in and saw her sitting up and scared. So I decided to lay on the floor next to her bed and pet her until she fell asleep. She stopped crying after I laid down with her and was beginning to fall asleep. I didn’t want her to start crying again so I decided to stay there that night. In that moment, I could tell that she was able to trust me. She stopped crying and wasn’t scared anymore. After that night, she was able to sleep soundly without anyone having to lay with her, and I was glad that she was able to trust me and my family and finally feel comfortable around us.


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