“The ‘Amazing’ Instagram Post” By Emily Gwyn

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

 “Here we are! Ahh Pura Vida!” Brooke shouted. Brooke had never been on vacation that was far away. All of her friends always do whenever there are a few days off from school. She is always jealous but this time it is her turn. Jenni and Mike, Brooke’s parents, took Brooke and her little brother, Bennet to Pura Vida. They were all so excited to be there. As they walked into their hotel room Brooke and Bennet freaked out, they had never actually stayed at a hotel and they didn’t know what it was like.

They saw the view outside of their room, a beautiful view of the beach. That day instead of unpacking and getting settled, Brooke and Bennet were all ready to go to the beach and have some fun. Mike and Jenni just wanted to get all settled and everything. Brooke was so mad at her parents for not letting them go. Brooke got Bennet and together they worked together to unpack each other’s things.

20 minutes later Brooke and Bennet were ready to go with everything put away. Mike and Jenni still were not ready and at this rate they were never going to be ready.  

“Ugh Mom can we please go down to the beach and you can meet us there?” Brooke and Bennet said in sync. Jenni had to think hard and discuss with Mike. They together agreed to let them go. Brooke and Bennet ran to get their bathing suits on and headed to the beach. They didn’t have a long walk, because the hotel was right on the beach. They got there and right away Brooke asked Bennet to take pictures of her at the beach. She loved all the pictures so of course Brooke posted them on Instagram.

The kids then got in the water and were swimming for so long and their parents still were not there. They decided to get out so Brooke could call her mom. Right when they got out of the water a strange man came up to them. They both got really scared and ran away.

The man chased them down and brought them home with him. A few minutes later Jenni and Mike arrived at the beach. They saw their towels and Brookes phone sitting on a beach chair. Jenni knew that they were there because for one their stuff was there, but also because she had seen Brooke’s Instagram post.

Mike wanted to see her post because Jenni had mentioned it. Once Mike saw it he had pointed out that there was an odd man in the back of her photo. Jenni and Mike got extremely scared then because the kids were nowhere to be seen.

Jenni called the cops and Mike ran to the hotel front desk. Nobody knew anything but the cops were searching everywhere. The security went and checked every single room in the hotel and nothing was found. Mike went and was asking everyone that was at the beach when it happened and most of them hadn’t seen anything.

There were 4 people who saw Brooke and Bennet. They had seen Brooke getting her picture taken by Bennet. Mike showed them the picture on her Instagram feed. He pointed out the strange man walking in the back. 2 of the people saw the strange man walking on the beach and they then started freaking out with Mike and Jenni. The 2 people that saw the man were James and Linda, they were married. Linda partnered off with Jenni as Mike and James went together. Linda and Jenni drove off the hotel grounds and found really big tire tracks leading away from the hotel.

Jenni and Linda decided to follow the tire tracks. The tracks all the sudden went off road and you could barely see them. There were mud tracks in the grass up ahead and Jenni got out of the car and ran ahead of Linda, because she claims she saw a huge truck. The truck started to drive faster.

They called the cops and told them the license plate. The cops came and smashed through the window of the truck while it was still moving. The glass got all over the drive and the driver couldn’t move.

The cops went into the back of the truck, and in the meantime Mike and James came over. The cops brought the driver to the police car and found the 2 kids in the back to not have a beating heart. The kids had been tied down and nobody really knows how they died they just know that they are dead. The cops gave the news out and ever since then, nobody ever to know about this incident has let their kids go anywhere alone.


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