“Three Items” By Helena Veloso

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

She woke up. It was just another normal day for her. Her eyes are tired and sleepy. Lizzy goes to the kitchen and remembers she still hasn’t gone to the market to get food. The house is quiet and she doesn’t want to wake anyone up. She goes back to her room and goes back to sleep. She wakes up again to a coughing sound. She walks to her little brother, Griffin’s room, and sees him laying down and coughing really badly. His room feels cold and dark. She looks at him again and he looks pale and tired. Lizzy looks at her mom says, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Her mom, Suzan says that her brother needs medicine and it would be very nice of her if she brought some from the pharmacy, but said that Lizzy didn’t have to since there so many of them outside. Griffin doesn’t really know what she is talking about and what “them” meant. He looks at Suzan and asks, “Who are ‘they’?”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal, it doesn’t really matter.”

 “Ok . . . whatever,” Griffin looks puzzled.

Lizzy thinks for a moment, looks at her mom and says, “I’m going.”

She goes to her room gets dressed, grabs a backpack and goes back downstairs and fills herself a water bottle. She goes to the basement to pick herself a weapon. She picks a hatchet and shoves it into her bag. Lizzy walks outside and starts following the leaf track she made to remember the pathway she has to go. She enters the woods and everything is quiet, no cars, nobody. She pushes some leaves away and sees a big white store about 2 miles away. In it says in bright red colors the word “Pharmacy”. She has to walk 1 mile without being hear or seen. When she starts she hears groaning, quickly she pulls her hatchet out. She sees a gory and bloody creature walking towards her. Its shirt is torn apart, but she sees a name tag that said a Joel in it. She kills the first zombie and continues her journey. She walks about 30 feet and hears groaning coming from behind her. She quickly turns around and kills her second zombie. She takes a big breath, opens her backpack and takes a sip of water.   

She walks pretty sure that was the last zombie she had to kill. She gets to the pharmacy and grabs the only 3 medicines that were there. When she leaves she feels something on her ankle, it’s another zombie. It was laying down and she didn’t even notice it when she came in! She grabs her hatchet which is covered in blood and kills another zombie. She opens the door and runs as fast as she can while shoving and throwing the medicines in her bag.

Lizzy gets to the woods again and is happy that she is almost home again. When she is going up her driveway, she looks down and sees a crowd approaching. She runs inside and upstairs, gives her mom the medicine she got for her brother and tells her to close all the windows and blinds because there was a crowd of zombies approaching. Everyone locked the doors and windows and found a place to hide for the next few hours. Lizzy hides under her bed and takes a pillow with her so that she doesn’t get uncomfortable. After about 2 hours the groaning was getting further and further away. She gets up looks at the window and sees the crowd is gone. She runs to her mom’s room, Suzy and tells her the crowd is gone. They get Griffin and tell him the same thing. They all get hug and Lizzy says, “Thank you.”

Finally they go downstairs and remember, “LIZZY DIDN’T GET FOOD!”


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