“Worse than Worse” By Walter Ingis

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

Timmy Stevens had been having a normal day in Mr. Brown’s class at Creekside Middle School. As usual there was tons of homework. So much that he was beginning to wonder if there were enough hours in the day to get all this work done.  Timmy was not the smartest and easily got distracted, which caused him a lot of trouble, especially in Mr. Brown’s.  On this particular day he happened to have gotten a lunch detention for misbehaving and talking during a test, which he was sure he had flunked. Timmy Stevens didn’t like any of his teachers very much to begin with, but he especially loathed Mr. Brown.  

Timmy Stevens was a popular, easy going kid who struggled in school. He has a small build and blonde hair. On the other hand, Mr. Brown is uptight and very serious. He is tall and stubby with brown hair. Timmy has Mr. Brown class 7th period, the last period of the day.  Luckily for Timmy there was only five minutes left in class. As Mr. Brown reviewed the homework for the night (it took him a whole 5 minutes to do this) Timmy twiddled his thumbs and waited in anticipation, ready to leave school and play his favorite video game on his new Xbox.

 Finally, the bell rang and Timmy ran out the doors of the school and sprinted right home to play video games, completely ignoring his homework as he had decided he did not want to do it. Meanwhile Mr. Brown had to stay at school grading papers and going to meetings all afternoon until late into the evening when he finally could go home to his apartment, where he lived alone. Once at his apartment he quickly got ready for bed, tired from a long day of work and wishing he could become a kid again to escape from all this work and requirements.  On the other side of town Timmy Stevens who had still not done his homework was in bed thinking the exact opposite. He wished he could be an adult with a real job and escape all this homework and school. Soon both were asleep, exhausted from a long day.

Mr. Brown was woken up by someone yelling, “Wake up, Timmy.” Immediately confused and worried Mr. Brown jumped out of bed. “Hurry up and get ready for school,” said a female voice from down the hall. Mr. Brown was shocked as he looked around the room. It looked like a normal teenager’s room, definitely not his own. He reached towards the light switch so he could get a better look at his surrounding, when he was stunned to see a small and skinny arm reaching towards the light switch. He dashed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and to his disbelief he looked exactly like Timmy. In fact, he was Timmy!

“What’s taking so long Timmy?” said the same female voice, who Mr. Brown figured was Timmy’s mom. “But–” Mr. Brown said, unable to finish his sentence until cut off by Timmy’s mom, “No buts, hurry up.”

Mr. Brown suddenly realized he had no choice. He would have to go to school in Timmy’s body today and try to fix this situation. Meanwhile, the real Timmy had just woken up and had quite the shock realizing he had turned into Mr. Brown overnight. As he ate breakfast he pondered what he would do about this upsetting situation. Similar to Mr. Brown, he realized the only way to set things right would be to go see the real Mr. Brown, and the only place he knew to find him would be Creekside Middle School.

The only problem was Timmy didn’t have a way of getting there. He decided against using Mr. Brown’s car, as being a kid he didn’t know how to drive, and he took the public bus instead. Soon they had both arrived at the school and were heading towards Mr. Brown’s room, coming from different directions. Timmy beat him there, but in a minute or so, Mr. Brown had arrived. They both gasped. It had never occurred to them that they had switched places. They must have thought that there was just a duplicate Timmy, or in Timmy’s case a duplicate Mr. Brown. They quickly talked and made up a plan.  They decided they would just have to go through the day in each other’s roles until they could figure something out. The only problem to that plan is they had no idea about each other’s roles, but they had no choice but to just go with it. The day continued and Timmy and Mr. Brown struggled with each other’s lives.

Timmy had no idea how to teach and was desperately trying but failing, while Mr. Brown had to take many test he had no knowledge about and was given loads of homework to do. Soon it was the last period of the day and Mr. Brown had his own class with Timmy as the teacher. It pained Mr. Brown to watch Timmy try to be a teacher, so he kept trying to give out tips which Timmy angrily ignored. Instead Timmy gave the class loads of homework and was constantly yelling at Mr. Brown and lecturing him.

The bell saved Mr. Brown from more boring lectures, and as all the other students left the room, Mr. Brown asked Timmy, “Why had you been so rude and given everyone so much homework.” Timmy just shrugged and said, “You know what it feels like to be a student then,” even though Timmy had been having an awful day as a teacher but just didn’t want to admit it. Then Timmy asked, “Can I leave now or do I need to do anything else as a teacher?” As Mr. Brown walked out of the classroom he said, “Oh, you’ll be here till late in the evening tonight. Enjoy your meeting with the other math teachers,” Mr. Brown said mockingly, smirking the whole time.

 Even though they thought the day would get better, it didn’t. Both of them struggled throughout the rest of the day, Mr. Brown doing homework for hours straight and Timmy going to meetings he didn’t know much about as well as cluelessly grading papers. Finally, they had both finished their tasks and chores but to their dismay it was already dark and they had no time for any fun leisure activities before going to sleep after a long tiring day. They both passed out on their beds almost immediately, drifting off into a deep sleep.

Timmy and Mr. Brown woke up the next day and looked around. To their excitement they were both back in their own rooms. Quickly they both dashed to their mirrors and saw that they were also in their own bodies. “Thank goodness!” Timmy thought to himself. Thinking back on it, Timmy realized that the real world was much harder than he had expected and now he knows why teachers give him all these tests and homework. That way he will be better prepared for the real world. Mr. Brown also realized that being a student had been tougher than he thought and he had been overworking his students. They both realized to be grateful for what they have and accept that life is what it is. From then on Timmy learned the importance of school, always did his homework, and paid attention in class. From Mr. Brown’s experience of being a student he learned not to overwork his students ever again and to be more easygoing. Timmy went from loathing Mr. Brown to actually liking him as one of his favorite teachers and Mr. Brown enjoyed teaching Timmy. To this day they are still friends and share a mutual respect for each other.


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