“Beautiful (For You)” By Kate R. Cooper

Written by plumtree

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The world is harsh, dark, and cruel. Hope is a lie that the fairytales want you to believe. Is there anything worth saving, a reason for tomorrow? You still reading? If you are you believed that, or you’re mentally screaming at me. I’m sorry, I had to tell the dark stuff first.  

            Well, that’s over. Also, it’s really last century. Which they had reasons for it, World War I, World War II, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the disco era. Otherwise known as “be glad it’s not the 20th century kids.”

            So, times are tough, not everything is as great as we thought, but is now a time to give up? Is, after everything we’ve conquered, now the time to lie down and die? Maybe parents lie, maybe it’s just their way of finding hope. The corrupt consistently get power, maybe it’s not as real as they pretend it is. And maybe we feel alone, angry, ugly.

 Maybe we are, but maybe that’s a part of growing up. All I know is that underneath all the pain and everything that hurts, behind every scar is a story worth telling, one worth hearing, one that makes you beautiful. Please, be you. Be beautiful, maybe the rest of the world will fall into line by just being your whole, messy, broken self. Please try. Not for me for you.


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