“Just Me and The Snow” By Coco Song

Written by plumtree

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I sat on the freezing windowsill

in my tiny bedroom.

Staring at the outside world,

feeling so small and vulnerable.

The rising sun filled some my emptiness up with warmth,

as the light kissed my face.

The snow outside on the ground reflected the light

making the world seem so bright

when I feel the exact opposite.

The sun started to light up the whole sky

as I watched from my small corner of the world.

Loneliness covered me like a blanket,

as friendship and love betrayed me.

I closed my eyes,

thinking of the better times,

as it broke and shattered my heart.

When I opened my eyes,

tears blurred my vision.

As I wiped them away,

snow started to fall from the sunlit sky,

making everything seems colder.

I hugged my knees as I buried my face in it.

Remembering all the painful memories I have.

The people I loved,

the things I cared about are all gone.



Erased from my life forever.

So I guess I really am alone in this world,

just me and the snow.


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