“Nice Kid” By Kate R. Cooper

Written by plumtree

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            Hey guys. It’s me, I’m here again. This time I’ve got a different message. You know that kid who sits alone at lunch, the one who no one ever sees outside of class, the one who your friends think it’s ok to pick on? If you don’t, you aren’t looking or everyone at your school is super nice. If you’re reading this, then you probably go to my school, so yeah they’re not. Have you ever given this kid a second thought? If you even gave them the first one, would you?

            Now think of the kid who plays the smaller role in your friend group, the one who isn’t heard until they scream, and then is told that no one wants to hear them. Think about them, and think harder. Do you ever give them thought? Do you ever care about this person?

            No, you don’t, and by doing this, you don’t help. By allowing this to happen you are worse than the person who does it. These kids’ situations aren’t going to get better being ignored. If not them, what about the kid waiting alone by their locker, the back of the class in science, last picked for teams in P.E. The kid who doesn’t have a partner when it’s time for group work, never leaves the house on weekends, lacks social response, or is surrounded by a group yet always feels so alone.

            This is our fault. If it’s not yours (it probably is, sorry) keep doing good. Will you miss the lonely friend when they leave you and the others to be truly alone? Will you ever apologize? Will you realize how much pain that you pumped into them? Even if it wasn’t you who started it you still hurt them. 

            These people need help, you need help! It happened to you at some point. It’s happened to everyone. The people who haven’t are truly naive, your friends have laughed behind your back, you felt your soul break. Not your heart, your soul broke. A piece of you was chipped away. Don’t let it happen to anyone else ever again. No one deserves to break.

            The world is broken, but this time it’s not the last generation’s fault. This time, it’s ours. I’m sorry that this time is sadder and less hopeful than last, but sometimes you have to see the problems, highlight them in bright orange lettering the size of buildings, no continents, across the sky, and then repeat, five times, in order to fix them.

            Well now we got that over with, the dark stuff, the humorous, and now time for hope. Yes, after all the hurt there’s still a little inkling of hope. There’s still a chance to help these kids, to get help for yourself, before you get yourself stuck in isolation for the rest of your life. And no, help doesn’t mean therapy. It means a smile. It means a friend. This time, you have to smile. This time I’m not giving the hope, you are. Go on, I don’t need the hope, they do. The lonely friend, awkward kid, locker girl, back of class, not on team, no partner, lonely weekends, not social, and lonely popular kids are going to get a friend. It’s time to be the nice kid. 


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