“Someday” By Alana Applebaum

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

We will be together

We will hug

We will laugh

We will talk

We will smile

We will feel the joy

Of being around others


We will chant in the sanctuary

We will read the holy words in the prayer books

We will raise our voices upwards

We will show our Jewish pride as one


We will walk away

From the glow of the screen

It has helped us to come together

But still limits our connection

Real connection

We will finally be able to stand united

As the pain and loss comes to a close

Celebrating our heritage  hand in hand


We will eat hamantaschen

Shaped like the triangular hat

On Haman’s head

We will blow the shofar

And eat apples and honey

For a sweet new year

We will do this together


We will be released from the boundaries 

No more “Six feet apart!”

No more cloth coverings

That makes my face itch

That block your smile


I will see my family again

I will smell the apple pie baking in the oven

At my grandparents house two states over

Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends

The people I’ve shared tears and laughter

Joy and heartbreak with my whole life

Around the table for Thanksgiving

I will help prepare for the  Passover seder

Parsley and salt water to remind us of the tears

Matzah in place of the absent bread

And a boiled egg for the circle of life


We will be with friends again

We  will go from house to house in our costumes

Comparing how much candy we have

We will walk and talk late into the night

We will celebrate the day of Halloween

I will go camping with my Girl Scouts troop

Being out with nature

I will learn new skills and have fun experiences


We will celebrate the sabbath

Dad will put on his kippah and tallit

We will eat challah and matzah ball soup

We will light the Shabbat candles

Whispering to them an ancestral prayer

We will not worry about the pandemic

Fully welcoming the peace


We will shed tears of joy

We will break through the loneliness

We will break through the terrified thoughts

That haunt us as the cases rise

We will break through everything this dark time has brought us

And look towards a bright future

A future of friends and family together again

A future of praying undivided

A future of exciting memories and honored traditions

Because I am nothing without those I love

I am nothing without you and me



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