“The Boy in the Closet” by Maggie Blond

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

The first day I heard Fritz, he only spoke nonsense. I was only two years of age when he started babbling all these random things. He kept stumbling on his words, and it scared me at first. I screamed and cried when I heard him for a week. But after that, he finally noticed my crying, and for the first time, he actually said hello. Suddenly, we started talking to each other, and my mother would tell me years later that she saw and heard me talking to the boy on the baby monitor, but she never heard him. I named the boy Fritz, and we soon became best friends. He would never show himself, and he always stayed in my closet. My parents said whenever they would come into my room at night, it would always be cold and windy. He would always be reading whenever I started to talk to him. However, when I was about four, my family decided that our house was not big enough, as my baby brother and sister, who were twins, had just been born a year before we moved. The last night I slept in my room, Fritz did not speak a word. I never saw him again when we moved, however my parents told me he lived in our attic, which you had to go to my room to get access to. I never heard a ghost again, and I always told people it was a paranormal experience from when I was small.


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