“Dreary Summer Nights” By Florence E. Schneider

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

On the last day of heat,

Gloominess looms over the street,

A young girl – coming by.

Head held down,

Wearing a frown,

She scribbles in her notebook swiftly.

In the side of her eye,

She spots the undercover spy,

Following her, almost unseen.

Her head snaps down,

Entering the town,

The town . . .  of her dreams.

A juvenile boy

Recites the poem with joy,

The poem of the disastrous terrors.

He speaks loudly and clear,

Showing no fear,

As the poem grows darker and darker.

“The darkness surrounds, 

Those who have found, 

The loneliness within.”

His voice booms,

With joy he glooms,

Continuing with triumph.

“It shatters their dreams, 

And sets lonely schemes, 

For those who used to be seen.”

Not even a flinch,

a heart colder than the Grinch,

Smirk plastered across his face.

“Depression creeps along, 

Even for those who were strong, 

And for the ones, which were weak.”

He pursues the dark thought,

The one, for many fought,

Not even struggling to maintain the glee.

“Destroying lives, 

Divorcing wives, 

Not allowing one to speak.”

He does not realize,

How his poem jeopardizes,

The cluster of teens not too far away.

“The reality of life, 

Like a sharp knife,

Waiting, to hurt thee.”

He finishes in delight,

Not noticing her fright,

As the words continue in her head.

She glances around,

Jumps at the loud sound,

Her eyes darting aimlessly.

Hesitantly she looks at the ground,

Noticing the bloody wound,

Deep in her stomach’s flesh.

Taking a shaky breath,

She contemplates chances of death,

Deciding to stumble upon the streets once more.

She is staggering over her own two feet,

Her headache starting to beat,

Before everything goes dark.

She lies there alone,

Her memory gone,

Only the whispers of the dead left behind.

“Don’t fall for the trap,

It will make yourself snap”,

They whisper, silently, in your ear.


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