“Glass” By Alana Applebaum

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

Every day

I work till my feet are straining to support me

Till I’m burnt out and smoke trails behind me

Till my sighs just barely escape my lips

But hardly make a sound


Every day

I see so much sorrow and anguish

And try to take a stand

To find some of the good I know is there

But have to fight to be heard

Or get drowned in the endless other shouting voices


Every day

I work hard to relieve some of the pressure

To put some good into the world

But everyone looks right through me

Like I’m invisible

Made of glass


Every day

I search for someone, anyone

To see me

And all that I’ve worked to achieve

But no one ever does

Like I’m made of glass


Every day

I look at the numbers

Seven point nine billion people on our planet

Eight planets in our solar system

And an infinite amount of solar systems out there

I’m just one speck in the universe

One shard of glass

Like I’m invisible


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