“I Remain Silent” by Ilona Agur

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

Ebb and flow of opinions

Come and go of decisions

Pushing me every which way

And not letting go; when will I

Be my own tide and break through the storm

Be my own shining knight in the war

And not ride on the back of a horse

Saved by a hero; a damsel in distress

Is who I am, but help

Never arrives.

I remain silent.


There is always only one side to choose

A battle raging; I have nothing to lose

And everything to gain, yet

As if a force is muffling my scream

A tight knot of ropes bursting at the seams

But still holding together; I cannot break free

Of the prison that is silence, that envelops me

I remain silent.


It is true that differences are unique,

If so, I am as bland as ever

The color in the background of a glorious painting

The person at the back of the stage in a film scene

I blend, I merge, into every crowd

And even if the people around me shout

I remain silent.


Each to their own, I suppose

That is the decision that society has made

Without me; because I lean

On every person that comes near me

They are the force that pushes me further.


I am but a floating piece of plastic

In the middle of the widest ocean; My destination

Is where the waves will take me to

And no protest from me will be heard

No try of my voice will turn

The tide, so I must

Remain silent.


I rely on not my thoughts, but that of others

Surrounding me, who empower me

To do more of what I already do

I give my work to them

With my name; what is mine

I do not claim


This is my voice

It was never lost and does not need to be found

Buried under layers of what only was myself

Pushing me down


I will not remain silent

I am my own voice that was destined

To break through the surface

And my voice

Clearly vibrates this room that I

Stand in; thoughts of gloom

Have floated behind me

A mist that faded

And the path before me

Lies, waiting

For that first footstep will echo generations

After; I lift my leg

And shout to the darkness stretching in front

I will not remain silent.


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