“It’s in My Blood” By Ilona Agur

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

“It’s in my blood.”

Funny, that phrase: first of all,

If I may correct, there is no such thing.

But, then again, we will believe any calling,

Supposedly summoned by our hearts.


I come from a family of three cultures:

One Dutch, one Chinese, one Jewish; a sculpture

Made of many metals, uniquely modern

Art that people refuse to understand.


Now I sit, torn, between all three

Countries that I “belong” to;

Is there such thing? Come to think

Nations are merely chunks of land

Separated from other chunks of land

By imaginary lines.


We’ve declared ourselves to these chunks of land

The Netherlands, China, Israel

In a quest to find an answer that will never appear,

An answer to the question, “Who are we”:

We are humans, we are creatures, objects of the planet Earth

We hold status, subjects to conquered land

Yet that isn’t enough to satisfy our desire

Of knowing, truly, what we are.


I am Dutch, Chinese, Jewish, Human

These things do not tear me apart

Or stuff me in boxes that don’t belong

These things are each a chunk of me

A puzzle piece

There meant to be

Now growing, showing, out of me.


After all, it’s in my blood.



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