“Journey of Friendship” By Daniel Agur

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

Sets and sets flow on, go by

and sorry not knowing which to join

being as uncomfortable, just as shy

man, I wish I knew the metal of the social coin


For eternities, I have mined for it within myself

But what has value to me, to others has no meaning

But ooh! I found a manual on my bookshelf

On its knowledge, I will be leaning


Alas! like a fata morgana, it vanished

My coins keep coming out the vending machine

Now I’m left all alone, badly banished

with no one to share my thoughts or feelings, I’m unseen


But wait, does it have to be a set?

Can it not be just a singular person?

Chances are easier this way, I bet

This comes with better coin insertion


My social coin is one too unique

As though it was a toad among all the other frogs

I just have to keep on the seek

Maybe it could be dogs



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