“Never Trust Her When She’s Silent” by Caroline McCann

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

She can shine a fake smile

and fake a love with all her soul,

but never trust her when she’s silent,

for she’s not pretending anymore;

She’s lived through many a day

Where the shadows were her shield,

Where her hush hid the tears

that fell in whispers from her fears,


What you can’t hear will hurt you,

So let’s see you try it,

You’d better hope you’re hungry,

For an open pot boils in the quiet

No, her silence is not her compliance

but the calm before the storm-

that moment you think it’s over

before you find she’s leveled the score,

the facing of the armies

handing your fate up to the lord;

So never trust her when she’s quiet,

She hides a beast you’ll never know,

it whispers in those moments

its words hum soft and slow;

she recalls each silence that gave her scars

they spell out ‘no’;

never trust her when she’s silent.

she’ll give those scars back row by row


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