“Confession Balloon” by Matthew Chang

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)


My inside trickles,

my foot wobbles,

I dance across the planes

I make history,

I remember legacies,

But I cannot relieve the pain

Ever so tired,

I still carry on,

I have never been like this before

For every small inch,

Every hair of movement,

I get crippled even more.

I make my mark,

Loft myself,

And dance to my master’s will

But alas,

What he doesn’t know,

Who he is going to kill…


My soul,

Sucked out onto the surface,

Makes me grow weaker

My mind,

Laid out under me,

Always is the painful procedure

My heart,

Black from feelings of stress,

Can barely beat any more

My organs,

Tired of constant dancing,

Is fighting a brutal war…


Love letter/confession balloon

I have always seen you constantly singing,

With no feelings of stress

I notice the great joy you keep bringing,

And the feelings you express

I always listen to the playful dancing,

Which is part of your success

I close my eyes and feel the ringing,

The great charm you possess

I hear your ballad, I hear your scherzo,

I drown the stage with my tears

I hear your redemption of Schubert’s Elfking

And go with my greatest fears

I hear your nocturne, I hear your prelude,

In a minute I’m fast asleep

I hear your waltz, enjoy your mazurka,

And my tired muscles still want to leap

I hear your etudes, I hear your polonaises,

And the virtuosic hall fills with fashion

I hear your sonatas, I hear your concertos

And my heart boils with passion

I listen to your redemption of ‘four seasons,’

And I imagine the peaceful, starry view

I hear your minuets, I hear your barcarolle,

And ever so much I want to be with you.


I am tired of what results I am getting,

As anyone can guess

Little by little, step by step,

Something I must confess…


You are the reason why I am alive,

Why my life has been going on

I will do anything just to thrive,

To hear your singing response

You are the reason why I dance it through,

Why I pour out my hopeless soul

I am constantly thinking about you,

And my feelings always get out of control

You are the reason why I express my feelings,

And why I think meeting you takes a toll

I am not able to change the past,

And I am growing old…


Complaint balloon

I am tired of always being crippled,

I am tired of lonely dancing

I am done with using my insides,

Just to keep a memory

I am tired of being alone,

I am tired of collapsing

I am done with using my foot,

Just to make a documentary

I am tired of being bored,

I am tired of keeping tallies

I am done listening to you sing,

And hear the loud clapping

I am tired of getting ordered,

I am tired of just waiting

I am done with using my head,

To drain away my energy


I will not stay here,

I will not dance alone,

I am finally coming to you

For all the time,

I have not been with you,

My feelings could not be subdued

I will join your lovely voice,

And we will sing together,

And we can explore the unknown

I will dance with you,

We will emulate the ocean floor,

Our voices will be of rejoice

We will make music together,

Music filled with night and fog,

The sound drawn about the world

The drowsy lights,

Along with the starry notes,

Are dim, musical, and pearled.


I know that I will join your ardor

And the highest peaks we will explore

All my afflictions I can finally ignore

And we will try every possible door


For I know that, the most beautiful thing in the world,

Is you, my beloved. You.




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