“Lovely Day” by Nisan Naz Kutlukaya

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)

It was a lovely day. After working 30 hours nonstop, it was time for me to take a break. I walk down the path that is near the beautiful lake that shines like a diamond. After looking around a bit, I pick the perfect spot for sitting and I take out the nugget and mayonnaise sandwich, I made from my backpack. After enjoying a delicious bite from my sandwich, a duck from bushes jumps on me. Fighting me to death to stole my beloved nugget and mayonnaise sandwich. After tackling and biting me the duck won the war and run away with my beautiful nugget and mayonnaise sandwich. I chase the duck to the lake where the duck flew and make me tripped over a rock. After that, I bumped my elbow and fall to the lake. It took all day to climb back to the shore. When I finally come back to the shore I catch a cold. Again, it was a lovely day. (Achoo)



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