“Taste of Glory” by Caroline McCann

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)

What she wouldn’t give

To fly above the sky,

But when you are walking on her head

She isn’t left a piece of the pie.

The problem with the glass ceiling is that it’s not meant to leak,

She’ll never get that taste of glory when even she believes she’s weak.

There’s no ladder for her to climb, or not one that’s held steady on the ground.

One misstep and it’s over,

“She was always home-bound”

Well, did you think 82 cents was enough to keep her around?


And while it may be see through, it’s certainly quite hard,

Just like this is to swallow, but we’ve come this far.

The sour and the sweet make balance,

And, hey, she’s both together

So pucker up and break the glass… Cause we can all be better.


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