“Be Yourself” By Alyosha Costenco

If you will stop for a moment and look at me, you will see me often covering my ears. My brain is so sensitive for sounds, so what is normal noise for you, for me it’s auditory torture.  I feel all your emotions, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. Have you thought that sounds are very tuned instrument that perfectly reflects the emotions that we have, and even more, they are able to control you? Do you remember the magic of drum?  I heard the music of some street artists. They were truly virtuous of rhythm. It was absolutely amazing experience and I haven’t heard anything so catching your emotions. They lead you into the world of positive energy, pulled you from reality.

If you’ll see me concentrated, it would be the moment of symphony of numbers. Have you been caught by curiosity about result, or the process of solving mathematical problem? Have you observed the beauty of an equation, or an atomic element? Can you see the dance of electrons and protons in chemical reaction? Did you hear the rhythm in algebraic equations? This magic music and perfect structure is way to create music for me.

If you’ll look at me, you’ll see somebody making strange sounds with badly controlled body. I can’t speak, can’t always control my body, but I am happy to be like this!  It could not be treated; my body wouldn’t be better. I’m a prisoner with suspended right of voice, but I got a waiver, I can type!


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