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Magazine submissions are open to all Pyle middle school students. It’s intent is to promote a love of writing within a larger artistic community.The print version(on the right track)of the magazine is published one time a year, while the website version is continuously updated. Students almost exclusively manage the graphic design and layout of the print magazine and the content of the website. The print magazine has received an excellent rating in the program to recognize excellence in student literary magazine recognition from the NCTE (National Council for teachers of English) for it’s publications spanning the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. The writers have been contest winners and honorable mentions in association with the Bethesda youth writing contest, the state of Maryland international reading association council, and the friends of the library’s mosaic cultural diversity through the creative writing contest. Many of the contributors to the magazine attend the writing club that meets every Tuesday for 24 weeks out of the school year, which is sponsored by Mr. Prunier. Meeting only one hour for 24 weeks, both the print and online are accomplished through all the student’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.There is also a “coffee house” once a year where students preform and share their writing, music, political activism and more to an engaged audience. This collective vision carries them between sessions and is also inspired by their English teachers who all encourage their students to contribute.


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