10.2.12 “Pyle Inside” Meeting Notes

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October 2nd, 2012

To “The Pyle Inside” Community,

Thank you for your outstanding support! It is amazing to work with incredible students who are so ecstatic about launching a Pyle student magazine. We were thrilled to have such a large turnout again for the second meeting (30 students).

The important news and heads-up for next week is that submissions are due Tuesday, October 9th by 4pm. These are considered rough drafts. An email will be sent to everyone who turned in a proposal this week. It will detail whether the proposal was accepted as is, or whether it needs to be embellished and developed more. So, please have your rough draft of the submission in by Tuesday, October 9th by 4pm. You may hand these in to Mr. Prunier in room 129.

Discussed at this week’s meeting were the proposal process, action items, and advertisement possibilities.

As for the proposal process:
1.      Students will vote in the future issues as to what and how submissions will be approved to be published.
2. As of now, the 3 Steps to publishing explains the details

As for the action items:
1.      Spread awareness of the submission process-(All) club members, community, and sponsors
2.      Find how much memory the Pyle Inside website contains-(Mr. Prunier)
3.      Decorating “The Pyle Inside” bulletin board-(All) invite all students to participate during an Interact next week
4.      Plan social events (pizza, snacks, ice cream) to celebrate each publishing-(All-community, club members, students, parents, sponsors, teachers, administrators)

As for ideas to advertise the magazine (suggestions included the following):
1.      Advertise to elementary schools
2.      Ask the Whitman community if they can help and how they can help
3.      Advertise and write a letter to the editor of the Gazette
4.      Seek out grant opportunities

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and participation! We look forward to the submissions and next week’s meeting!


Mr. Prunier and Ms. Brunelle and special guest Mrs. McClelland


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