“The World as I see It” By Annie Tang

Written by plumtree

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The world is a very small place
Even if you go to the far side,
you are bound to meet someone familiar


The world is filled with both good and bad
I may see it one way,
You might see it another


The world is a home for millions of species
Us, only being one of them
We all share the same air, water, and lands


There are raging seas by freezing land
Salty lakes by humid deserts
And peaceful meadows below sunny skies


Wars can rage on land
The ocean can throw its fit
The air could sneeze a storm


We seem to think we are have knowledge
Yet we only are a minute portion of the world
A lost island in a sea of black


The Milky Way could be a snow globe
A snow globe in a universe far too large for our understanding
The universe could be infinite


The farther you go
The more you learn
With knowledge pooled in from all of space

We still wouldn’t know what the world really is


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