“Far From Home” by David Yu

Written by plumtree

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Smoke rose from the fire on March 13th, 1940, in Munich Germany. Silence had blanketed the group of soldiers with the nerves of battle. James shivered in the cold, he had on mud caked shoes, green camouflage gear and had a dirt smeared face throughout the war, he had been in several battles and this was his last before he could be home, back to his loving family. Also striding next to him, was his best friend Sam, a tall, broad shouldered guy, backpack strapped to his back and a smile permanently plastered to his face. The air was cold and fog was starting roll over, blocking out the gray sky.

Sam, somehow looked ecstatic practically jumping up and down ready to go and face a barrage of fire and death. Martin looked at him, indifferent but inside he was impressed about how he could be so positive. “You ready?” Sam asked, James snapped out of his daze, “What?”

“For the battle, remember the one we’re about to fight.” James rolled his eyes and groaned, “How do you know if there is even going to be a battle?” to show him, he made a stance and his eyes darted around erratically as if ready for a fight, “I can smell it” he stated in a low voice. About to argue, he hesitated and decided not to push the topic any further when a wounded soldier unrecognizable from the dirt and blood on his face. Breathing looked difficult for him. Even so, he mumbled two words before passing out.  

“They’re coming.” Trepidation and fear spread from one soldier to another as the captain started barking commands like a rabid dog, “Get cover and find a place to hide!” Martin and Sam hid in the field next to the camp of long dead grass that were dancing in the wind. Breathing frantically, James was nervous. He calmed himself by thinking about his family back home. Everyone waited in complete stillness as James reconnoitered the surroundings, the fire faintly crackled, and the sound of boots squelching making a suck-plop in the mud. Then, the sound of a gunshot pierced the calm. A comrade fell next to him motionless, and all hell broke loose. Ragged and fearful, the bunch of soldiers burst out of hiding.

The battle raged on around James, shouts of pain and gunshots, fireworks lighting up the sky. James and Sam stood together guns raised eyes squinting to get the perfect shot, so together they started to thin the ranks of the enemies picking off each enemy soldier one by one. As soon as it began the battle started to die down. James and Sam trudged across a blood stained field and were welcomed with a cheer that could’ve woken up his family back home.

But as he was walking he halted abruptly. Out of the peripheral of his vision he noticed one of the enemy soldiers his face emotionless and pale. Although the joyous and slightly embarrassed Sam continued on, he froze. The soldier that laid on the ground before him had blond hair and a red stain that was spreading on his stomach but he was so young it made him wonder if this war was really worth it. He looked around as if he was seeing things clearly for the first time and all around him were dozens of bodies strewn across the ground all of them were young, no older than 25 and he broke down horrified of what he had just done.


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